Loud & Clear, March 9 2009

Loud & Clear, March 9 2009


Well I finally got some rest and been playing catch up on my backed up letters as well as going over my legal work so I can send some ideas to my lawyers. I do want to cover a few things real fast, well things people have wrote Judi, hey Vera sent me your words. Thanks! On Radley I used to get Reason magazine I really liked it! It is good. The article you mentioned I actually had it on my DVD, but Vera is having to check to make sure it is okay for me to use, you know copyright and all. ( I liked the article as it points out these forensic mills that the state uses. Same with the Houston crime lab. Hopefully Radley will allow me to use his article; if not well then maybe I can post it on my site. Hey what part of North Carolina you from Judi? I used to live out there. Even met Dale Ernharts mother!

Anyways, I doubt that Oprah will do anything, but we do got a better shot with Drew Carey and Reason. Namely if the focus is on the state writ (appeal) process in Texas If the legal work from my appeal on Lisa Milstein is posted on my sites, then you will see what I mean! If it isn’t posted yet, it will be soon! Anyways, I wanted to write some stuff about my DVD again real fast. As I do know that there are many that are waiting on it some have already paid for it. Well some of the delays is because of some of the footage was not properly transferred such as films of me as a child. Plus break downs in communication with people. ( Always something. Anyways I as well was going to add the police chase video, however that was sent to someone to help transfer the footage and what do you know, but more bullshit delays! Hopefully by now the footage has been sent as was requested to my sister.

Anyways, the point is that the delays are not my fault. Nor are they Vera’s. There has just been one problem after another. Hopefully it is all sorted by now, however due to time delays and such and a desire to get the DVD our as fast as possible, the DVD will not have the footage of the police chase and childhood videos. The disk isn’t exactly a book, it is a collection of my poems and some articles. I called it a book to simplify it. I am trying to get it done as fast as possible, hopefully people will put aside ridiculous personal problems that are only harming me and work together so that I can get it completed. To those that already ordered it, I am again sorry for the delays. I wanted to make it as best as possible, so that each person feels they got their money’s worth. Hopefully in six weeks it will be complete! Now that the judge has sent me back to state court I am pushing harder for it to be completed. My goal is to still try to get the other videos on the disk. Plus some additional information. Anyways. Hopefully the CCA will accept and allow me to go back to the district court I was sentenced out of, so that I can refile some appeal issues. It will put me one step closer to a new trial (as I said to everyone please bare with me on the DVD, maybe it is already out by the time this is posted! if not than hopefully soon. The deadline is six weeks) Jessi please make a copy of that disk and get it to Vera, Thanks.

Well it seems that the powers they be have limited our trips to commissary so now we cannot get as many stamps! ( This is part of the reason in the delay of me responding to people. They used to allow us to buy food item and hygiene one week and the next week buy more stamps. But they haven’t been doing that. There is no real reason to not let us buy stamps like this. Only out of retaliation. You know this is what doesn’t make any sense. TDCJ is always talking bout how little money they got yet they do not allow us to hardly ever get commissary. The more money they let us spend the more money they make. Yet they would rather oppress us and limit us, than to make money so as to implement the security ideas that they cry about not being able to, due to lack of money. They also complain about there is nothing they can do to us since we are on death row if we hurt an officer or whatever, yet they do not want to give us access to telephone programs as population inmates are getting. This could be a means of control for them as well revenue! A person acts up they get phone restriction! Also they could sell us TV’s they say no because they don’t sell them to population. This is bullshit! Population, even close custody has TV’s! Plus they sell population all kinds of stuff they don’t sell us. Craft item, multi outlet plugs, and even other kinds of shoes and jump ropes and such. So the only reason for them not to sell us TV’s is to oppress. However all the officers wish they would, so that there would be less interaction plus another control tool. If there was TV’s and also better access to phones TDCJ would make more money and have better control tools to reduce rule violations.

They say that they would have to do it for ad seg, NOT true! Ad seg is in such a situation due to violent acts or being confirmed STG gang members. Only gangs that they lock up is Aryan Circle, Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, Mexican Mafia, Texas Syndicate, Texas Mafia, Barrio Azteca and Raza United. So seg inmates are there for a reason. So it is easy to justify not giving them access to TV and telephones. But death row has to be in this environment. We aren’t locked down for rule violations. There is some rumor that there are officers and ranks trying to get us TV’s, NOT to help us, but to better control us. Several officers wish they would give us group recreation. However there are few that are scared and don’t want that. The ones that don’t want it are the dudes for the most part. I just want to be able to buy some damn stamps! I come up to this stupid ass level one and can’t even hardly get any stamps.

Well enough ranting this time. I will make sure that all are updated on the progress of my case. Once again I would like to apologize to those who already ordered the DVD, it will be out soon! I as well want to thank the many of you that put forth effort in getting word out about my case even though you don’t know me. My goal at this time is to get my DVD completed and get as much promotion to it as possible, as well as to get some additional media attention. The song this week is Brad Paisley, “I’m still a guy”, it’s a funny song. Well humorous.

That’s all folks! I leave as I com


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