Loud & Clear, March 5 2009

Loud & Clear, March 5 2009


Well the last week surely has been emotionally draining. I had a special visit with Vera. It shocked me at how much energy it took out of me. Plus I was consumed with worry every night and could hardly sleep. I always seem to think of the worst situations! I wanted her to come, have good visits, and then get back home safely. Something about flying over a big open span of water makes me nervous! Anyways it was truly a joy to get to see her. Time flew by SO FAST! ( Then came the last visit and having to watch her leave. (long sigh). As I said the visits take a lot out of you. Though I did enjoy the fact that I could report good news to her. As well as to all of you reading this. The federal judge sent me back to state court to refile some unresolved appeal issues. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has to accept to review the claims. If they do then I will go back into the district court, which is the court I had my trial in. This is a very good thing as it helps me get my claims that were not presented due to the screw ups of my previous lawyers, presented to the courts in a proper manner.

This article will be short as I am very tired and got to get some sleep. The battle only gets more intense. Hopefully the people holding up the completion of my DVD will stop doing so, so I can get it sent out and moving forward! I always got some delay due to other people ( I will write an additional article in a few days. Also my sister Christy will be getting more of my legal work posted here for people to see more of the errors of my case, as well as my website http://www.saveaninnocentlife.com/

Thank you for your attention

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