Loud and Clear: The gloves be tested

Clinton Young (Loud and Clear)
Date: June-7th 2015
Topic: The gloves be tested

I felt a need to properly explain the situation with these gloves. As people keep writing about DNA. Some have even reached out to forensic institutes and again with the theme of DNA. So let it be very clear. I DO NOT NEED DNA TESTING ON GLOVES!!! None. nothing. nada. zip, zilch, zero!!! I has already been done. TWICE!

To explain the history of them. The co-defendant bought these gloves at a EZ mart in Longview, the night of the murders. Fast forward until after the murders. Police has everyone. The police try to question me. I tell them I want a lawyer. I was so exhausted from lack of sleep over a 2 week period. (The longest I slept, was during most of the alleged offenses.) When the police set me down in a chair. I passed out. They even tried to get me to drink coffee. The lifestyle I ‘was’ living. The rules are not to talk to police. Beyond that I knew better then try to, as I was so out of it from lack of sleep. As I was crashing from being high on meth. After being put in the cell. I went to sleep. I was so tired & dehydrated. I slept for two days. When meals were passed out. The guards had to keep opening the door & physically shaking me to wake up. I didn’t even want to eat. I write that just to explain how out of it I was. As people often ask me questions about why this & why that. As for poor choices being made. Half the time I was asleep during the events that lead up to me being arrested. Which the co-defendant has now admitted. In the new legal filings posted on my site saveaninnocentlife.com, the codefendant also admitted to others that I was asleep when he did the murder.

Okay back to the gloves. After I woke up. I hear a guy talking about the newspaper articles on my case. I yell out to him to read to me what was printed. When he finished, I could tell that the co-defendant was putting everything on me. (the police told me that, when I was first arrested. Though they always say that! So I just ignored them.) After the article was read to me. I thought ‘Oh hell no!’ I asked to speak to the detectives on the case. They came & got me. I then told them. “Take my DNA, take hair samples, do gunshot residue testing. I didn’t kill that old man. Test the gloves.” They then asked “what gloves?” We then get in an argument as I thought they were bullshitting me. Turn out the crime scene tech who’s job it is to map out the drive scene & collect any evidence. He overlooked these gloves! The detective agrees to go back out to the crime scene & when he drove up. He sees the gloves laying right there in plain view. He then got on the phone & called the crime scene tech to come out to collect them. He testified about this at trial. My lawyer asked “did he come out”?. The detective said “No”. My lawyer asked “why not?”

The detective looked at the prosecutor. Then dropped his head & said “he said he didn’t want to.”

All the jury snapped their heads around towards the prosecutor with a look of shock. They complained about it all to the sheriff after my trial. As the sheriff was over the detective & CST that worked on the case. Now back up to when the gloves were finally collected. The detective got them in a bag & brought them back to the office. The CST then sent them to Austin, Texas to the Texas crime lab there. Now think about this. You got a murder. The word is that the killer was wearing a pair of gloves. You got two people. Both saying the other did it. You can do DNA testing & gunshot reside testing at the lab. What do you do? How do you test the gloves? Hopefully everyone reading this thought. -Test the inside for DNA to see who was wearing the gloves & then test the outside of the gloves for gunshot residue to see if a gun was fired while wearing them.

If you thought something else. Then you might be able to get a job with Midland county Sheriff office. As the CST there did the dumbs move that was the opposite of that! He requested DNA testing on the OUTSIDE of the gloves.  Requested NO testing on the inside of the gloves. The thing is, he was trying to destroy the gloves. As with DNA testing on cloth. The lab tech has to cut away parts of the cloth. Then soak it in a liquid & all this. What happens then is if there was any un-burnt gunpowder particles on the cloth. There they would dissolve. His request was an attempt to destroy the gloves. Plain & simple!

When the crime lab got the gloves. The ballistic expert got the package first. He looked over the gloves for lead reside & powder burns. When he was not even requested to do such. He sprayed the gloves with a chemical that makes lead show up. A special light is shined on the gloves & then the lead residue will show up. It did & was in a pattern that is common for what a gun would leave when shot. BUT lead is only one part of gunshot residue. Plus it can come from many different sources. At the end of the day, it doesn’t hold much value as an actual gunshot residue test, only one part of it. Doesn’t hurt me, but barely helps me.

Okay DNA testing is done on the OUTSIDE of the gloves. It shows co-defendant, first victim, & myself. Though that holds no value as it just means he touched me with the gloves & or touched something else. I know what it came from. He wiped off a sprite bottle I had a drank out of. As he was wanting a drink. The sprite bottle had both our DNA on it.  Point is, the DNA being on the outside of the gloves for anyone. It was zero guilt relevance. So was pointless to test. My trial lawyers then had to request DNA on the inside of the gloves. It came back on the co-defendent. It EXCLUDED ME. There was NONE of my DNA on the ‘inside’ of the gloves. Which makes sense as I never wore them. Okay. Now that is why there is 100% NO need to test the gloves. Also to top it off, the co-defendent admitted they were HIS gloves. That he had them the whole time! However he lied about his reasons. He said he had worked in them. Moved scrap metal & tree limbs. That was the attempt to explain away the lead residue. Okay now. One can look at the picture of the gloves & see they look brand new & clean! If you worked in cotton gloves with scrap metal & tree limbs. There will be wear & tear & organic material stuck to the gloves. They would be dirty. All of which these gloves were NOT.

Okay, to the current testing. The gloves have been sent to the worlds premier expert. Living in United Kingdom? He trained your Forensic Science Service. From Canada. He trained your Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Been in the United States Army. He trained the U.S Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory. North Carolina, Louisiana, New York City, Illinois, California, U.S Customs, the corporation 3M. You guessed it. Trained & taught for all of them. Oh, don’t allow me to forget TEXAS!

He once was employed as an Intelligence Analyst for the United States army intelligence in Stuttgart. The Federal Republic of Germany. Point is that when he says “This is what it is.” Then other experts would, more likely then not, agree with him & not even attempt to challenge his findings. Many times the state gets an expert that says this & the defense gets an expert that says that. That complicates everything & leads to long drawn out processes & the risk of the court picking who they believe. It is a blessing that I was able to get such an expert. My lawyers located him. Let me explain about my lawyers. One has been on my case since 2008. I truly adore her. She is a great person & cares about me. I am the only client she has ever had, that she has sent her family early newsletter & family photo to. She has been working on appeals for a couple decades now. My other lawyer. She puts about 90% of her time on my case. They care about me, believe in me, & appreciate & value my opinions. We do not always see eye to eye. Though that’s not abnormal. I get frustrated & rant & rave. Like I sometimes write. “I am going to cuss them out.” First. I would never cuss them out!

They have fought too hard for me. They have done more for me then any other lawyers I could have gotten. With the exception of paying for my own lawyers. Now some stuff was not done properly during the last court I was in. Well it was not so much as improper. As more should have been done. They were accustomed to dealing with the courts in California. Which are not as harsh as the courts in this region. So it was more of a cultural difference in the courts that they were not considering. The best lessons in life are taught by experience. 🙂 As now they gone from being Golden retrievers to being German Shepards 🙂 Texas will do that to a person. 🙂 haha

Now a very interesting twist. My lawyers had filled a notice with the current court that the gloves are being tested. With a motion to halt my case & send me back to state court for a state appeal. There are state & federal levels.)

They filed a copy of the letter from the Midland prosecutors agreeing for me to do the testing. Now the states lawyer, he responded to it that I shouldn’t get to do anything as I never mentioned the gloves before. So I have the prosecuting lawyers for Midland agreeing to let me test the gloves. Though I have the lawyer for the state of Texas fighting against me on it. In a weird kind of way. My lawyers & the Midland prosecutors are on the same side. With the state on the other. I think that is a first! 🙂 haha

Though in his response he said I never mentioned the gloves. I do not know why he made such a claim. Though my lawyers chopped it up. As the detective testified about the gloves & how the only reason they did any forensic testing was due to my request. My trial lawyers testified I wanted the gloves tested though they just never got around to it, as for the gunshot testing. Then more importantly. I filed numerous legal filings in my previous appeals going on & on about the gloves. There was also a copy of the letter I went to the state appeal lawyer. Asking him to get the gloves tested. Basically I have done nothing BUT rant about these gloves since Nov 29th 2001!

The gloves, as of this week, still have not been tested. They are being tested for gunshot residue & gun primer residue. Hopefully the bullshit that the police did back in 2001 was not successful in destroying all the traces of it. That is what I am nervous about.  Though it can be shown that the steps they took back in 2001 could have destroyed the traces of gunpowder & such.  While it would not help me as much as the actual showing of gunshot residue & etc. It would help to show that the actions of the police hundred me from being able to properly defend myself. None the less. Will know something this month, + they will show something!  In addition to this. There was a court ruling back in April, that can help lower the bar for me to win a chance to re-look at one of my appeals. As a result more filings were presented to the court in May. Time will tell! We are doing all that can be done at this point.

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