Loud and Clear: Part two of “The gloves be tested”

Clinton Lee Young Loud and Clear
Date: June 9th 2015
Topic: Part two of last blog “Gloves”

I wanted to add some to my last blog. Helps people get a better idea of everything. Now I was a bit shocked about the current District Attorney of Midland agreeing to me testing the gloves. Not because she is corrupt. More because I believe that she genuinely hated me! We exchanged some verbal jabs here & there. Though she was not the prosecutor that was over my trial. He has since retired. At first I was a bit paranoid. Though as I have thought about it. I remember during my trial, when the codefendant was testifying against me. He claimed to have been kidnapped by me. Which is just ridiculous. I remember sitting there thinking. “They can not believe this bullshit!”

I looked over at her & she had a look of disgust on her face. She knew he was lying. Though she was not the head prosecutor. He is the one that did all the secret deals & his investigator who also is retired. He is the one that coached & threatened people. Now there is a difference in a prosecutor that hates a defendant. Versus one that is corrupt & unethical. It was easy to dislike me. I was arrogant & had the bullshit mind set of the ‘streets’ . Though sitting in a cell waiting on a trial where life hangs in the balance. It makes you start to wake up & see bullshit for what it is. Plus there were several pieces of the puzzle that were simply not true. It fueled the false impression of me. Like most of the Psych report from TYC. I made up all kinds of gang & crime stuff that I had seen in movies. I listed all kinds of drugs that I had never seen. As the myth there was. That if a person had a bad gang & drug problem. Instead of going to the gladiator units. A person would go to a therapeutic placement. Acting like I had a drug problem. I listed every drug known to man! Half of which I only knew about from the school anti drug programs.

Like Angel dust, various pills, mushrooms & heroin. I have never even seen heroin or Angel Dust. Hell I do not even think Angel Dust is even around or has been in the past 25 years. Maybe. I don’t know!

I wrote it being a “myth”. As it was just that! Instead of going to some nice placement. I went to one of the worst juvenile units in the U.S! One thing everyone was able to agree on, was that the violence was unreal & off the charts.   However that is not my fault. I did not create the facility. I did not operate the facility. I was just forced to survive in the environment that the government allowed to thrive. I did not make the officers pick favorites or bet on us fighting each other. I did not create the environment where gangs truly ran everything & the power playing tactics the guards did with that. I just survived.  Though the prosecutors read the psych reports & not knowing better. They believed it. I can now show it all to be false. With people that knew me at the time in question before I went to TYC & even the word of Police officers from the area I used to live in. I now have statements that show TYC guards that testified against me lied. My, at the time girlfriend, was saying I had hit her. That is total bullshit. As I have mentioned before. Yes I did grab her by the face & push her away from me. I was high & she was saying hateful things. It doesn’t make it right. Just a clear picture needs to be told. One of the times she claims I hit her in the back of the head. I can now show with a person that was in the car at the time. That the way she claims it happened. It did not. I was teasing her. She sat in front of me. A song came on I liked, so I started drumming on the seat. As I was sitting behind her. I was beating on the head rest. Just being juvenile & teasing her. She got mad & yelled me to stop. I started hitting the back of the seat like it was a punching bag. I knocked the head rest forward & my hand slipped forward & caught her pony tail.

She acted like I hit her with an upper cut. She started crying & I said “Are you fucking serious? It was a damn accident. I was just fuckin with ya.”

The other person in the car later on even expressed that she thought it was an accident. Now my ex has, since my trial, provided a statement which SHOULD be included on my website. Of the kind of person I was. That I was great until I started to mess with Meth. I do not blame the meth. I blame myself for doing meth. Which stupidly I started to do it, after I got into an argument with my ex. She told me I had better not ever injected meth. My half brother offered me a shot. I said fuck it, come on. So yeah I started to do meth as I was mad at my girlfriend & then me being on meth made us fight more. Does not make such sense. Though I was 18 years old at the time! Now I did stop doing meth. I made the choice to leave it alone. The last time I did it was a day or so before the case happened. It was to be the last time as I promised her I would stop. Another fact the prosecutors did not know. I was actually making plans to get my life together & back on the right path. As I was scheduled to meet with an Army reserve recruiter 2 days after I was arrested. The appointment had been made a week prior. I hung around with a bad crowd while growing up, due to events in my childhood. I felt more at home with the rebels & outcasts. Though I have never been considered evil or violent. However the prosecutor surely believed me to be.

Now all of this could have been brought to light over a decade ago. Though on my state appeals. Well I have often written about how they were destroyed. I could have gotten the gloves tested & everything else.  Also the very medications I was forced to take as a child. It is now known I was basically allergic to them. They made me worse. This was not known when I was a child. Then there is the 1st grade teacher that lied in my trial & basically said I was an evil child that tried to hurt other children with scissors. The problem is she said it happened in another grade. That she ‘heard about it’. As there were NO reports that supported it, she lied! Plus should not have been allowed to testify about events she had no personal knowledge about. As that is hearsay & forbidden in court. My lawyers mistakenly did not object to silence her.

The reality is my kindergarden teacher adored me. Yes I was hyper. Though I never once got in trouble for trying to harm another child. Beyond a playground fight & when I bit a 17 year old on the school bus, as he kept pulling on my hair. Though I was 6 years old!!! I know where he is at & when a mutual friend told him they used it in my trial. He laughed & commented about how he used to tease me on the bus.

Anyways. I do not claim to be perfect. Though the image that was painted of me was not sure. Plus there was the co-defendant making just off the chart lies about me. He said I threatened to cut the victims throat & forced him to buy stuff. All of which he admits now was a lie! A LIE! Another thing is the theme of the case. The prosecutor said the case happened, that two people were killed for their vehicle to go see a girl. Which is 100% TOTAL bullshit! ALL the co-defendants. EVERYONE involved in the case. They have said now that the case did NOT happen to go see Amber. (My girlfriend) I have never said it & the 3 co-defendents admit it did not happen & a 4th said it happened because the first guy was an informant for the police. So NO ONE but the prosecutor is claiming the two murders was connected for that ridiculous theme. Anyways. Point is it was easy to demonize me. My trial lawyers tried to dispell most. Though they could only work with the funding they had & while they cared about me. Some things were not done that should have been done. For over a decade I have been fighting for more than proof of my innocence to the capital murder charges. I have been fighting to show I was NOT the type of person they claimed I was. Basically I have been fighting for my legacy in many ways.

I can not know what the prosecutors in Midland think. Though I can say that if they did not have at least an interest in the letter of the law. They would have fought me on the gloves. (The police are also to blame. As they did such a horrible job. When the codefendant showed up blaming me. Really all investigation stopped. Unless it was done to support his lies. Even the FBI dropped the ball!)

I am just glad that they did not fight me on it. In the end I could have won & got them tested anyways. As the law is on my side. It does get looked at a bit different if the prosecutors agree for the testing to be done. Anyways. I just wanted to explain a bit of why they were against me. Also to explain that the current prosecutor that is the Chief prosecutor for Midland. While she worked on my trial. She was not the head prosecutor back then. He was the one they said made the deals & etc.

The codefendants lawyer who admitted to the deals. He even expressed that she was not the one he dealt with. That she was not in the room. This is all from before my trial. So in all fairness. I can not say she is ‘corrupt’ like the previous prosecutor. Though it is still to be seen, how they will re-act if the gloves come back & show exactly what I have claimed they would. We will soon know!

Anyways. I am not going to be writing about my case anymore. So no one ask me any questions. Anything I will discuss in the future. Will only be done in the blogs.

Alrighty then. Until next time. Take care.
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In solidarity,

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