Uncensored, July 15 to July 16, 2005

Uncensored, July 15 to July 16, 2005

Greetings to all!

Welcome to another journey through the mind and chaotic life of Clinton Lee Young.

Today is the fifteenth of July. I missed a week due to certain events. Last week a female officer by the name of Hadnot wrote me a case. I had my towel hanging on the screen of my door. I was talking to the guy in the cell above me.

Well, Hadnot said “Take this towel down.”

I replied “What, you can’t ‘  ask ‘ me to take the towel down? If you ask me in a respectful manner, then I can grant your   request .”

She then got an ugly look on her already Bulldog looking face and said louder in a smart ass way “Take your towel down.”

I got aggravated and replied, “F### you and that towel. If you can’t talk to me in a respectful manner then don’t say shit to me and get away from my cell.”

Well as expected, at about 5:50 a.m. a Sergeant woke me up asking my statement on the case Hadnot wrote me. It was a “Refusing to Obey a Direct Order.” case.

We had a talk about playing the system game and all the other wasted B/S. I told him if she would have came at me with some respect, I would have taken my towel down.

Well, time goes on and I get moved to C-Pod around one my associates, a very close friend of mine. Close like a brother.

Well, I decide to half ass work the program. So I shave and all that good stuff. Then on Sunday, they come to get me for minor case court. For Major Court, a person goes in front of a Captain and everything is recorded on tape. Well, for Minor Case Court, a person goes in front of a Lieutenant and a Sergeant. No Due Process.

Well, I go expecting something small like 10 day commissary restriction :Lt. Bryant is running the hearing. He is a Mini-Captain-Wickersham.

Well, he asks me how I plead. I go ahead and plead guilty with no statement.

He then says “I am giving you 15 days commissary restriction, 15 days cell restriction and down grading you to Level 2.”

When he said that, my jaw dropped! I said “hold up Bryant. You’re bullshitting, right?”

He said, “No, you are place on Level 2.”

Me- “So you are dropping me for a fucking minor case?”

Him- “Yes. I have to be consistent.”

I give a little laugh and say “get off the B/S. You ain’t serious are you?”

He says “yes, I am. You don’t need to put your towel in the door. I have to be consistent.”

I replied “you are sure right! Then ‘  I ’ have to be consistent as well.”

Needless to say these articles are about to get a lot more interesting and action packed : ).

Speaking of action, one of my partners in crime, Mr. Steven Woods, was gassed and ran in on. I was asleep and I woke up to the smell of smoke. I look out my door and see the hole pod full of smoke. In my mind I think “Steven must have started a fire.” and not a second later I hear “Look out Young.”

I yell “What’s up?”

Steven says “I am about to fade the team.” : )

Me- “what for?”

Him- “I started a fire and now they are trying to take my property.”

I laugh and yell “go hard lil wood!”

Then a minute or two later I hear the stomp stomp stomp of the cell extraction team stomping onto the pod.

Steven is on another section then I am, so I can’t see him or the team. I am in a corner cell, so I can’t see much of anything!

They gas him twice and in they go.

I hear stuff banging around and the Sergeant yelling “stop resisting, stop resisting!”

Now they put him in another cell. He says he is okay. He will write about it soon.

Steven only weight like 120 pounds, if that much! The first man on the team weighed more than three hundred pounds! 5 men total.

I really cut for the dude. He has a lot of heart. He is a real smart as well. He will be posting article.

You see, they dropped me to level two without any due process or anything. Another officer told me “Man, Lt. Bryant must hate you.”

Truthfully, I think the cat hates himself. Oh well. I have laid quiet this week so far, because I have a visit Saturday. I believe my wife is coming to see me. My Birthday is on July 19th. I was hoping to see my little sister, but now that I have my level dropped, I can only get 2 visit’s a month. When I go to level three, I will only be able to get 1 a month. It is the price we pay for the game we play.

I’ve received some e-mails from a few people.

Miles, thanks for the compliment. As you know by now, I do know Rob.

Rev. Amy, I will have a letter heading your way soon. I wee Steven has told you about Punk Rock Mike and the Young Prince. : ) HaHa! He informed me that he is waiting on a letter from you.

For the behind the scene type of gal from Australia, Thanks for the e-mail.

Paddy, I sent you a letter. You should have it by now. I received your e-mails as well.

Irene, I got the e-mails. Thanks.

The Sarah of New Zealand and Karen. I received your letters. Thanks. I will reply as soon as I get some stamps.

Patricia of Germany, I’ve got your card and letter. Thanks!

Oh, yeah. Miles. I like that memorial site you did for Richard. I was told you were good.

Viktoria, I got your letter. Just keep doing what you are doing.  I greatly appreciate your friendship.

I also would like to thank Scott for helping Suzanne with the article.

Anyway, to the rest of the story. I am working with a friend of mine on getting a non-profit organization going. This friend is in the Free world and runs my e-group. Hopefully, we can get everything going to help save my life. It will take money to get it going, but once it gets going, it will be self-supportive. I got a lot of good ideas.

In other news, my trash lawyer, Gary Taylor, moved to Nevada and dropped his caseload. So at this time, I do not have a lawyer. My state writ is pending in court waiting on a response by the state. Just another strike toward me getting slaughtered my the state.

Now I will have to wait until the state picks some other person to aid in their killing process. This person will know nothing about my case and will be at a severe disadvantage. Gary Taylor recommended someone.

Gary Taylor is nick named “the Grim Reaper.” I have some very good claims that could get me a complete new trial, but the idiot filed everything just to get me a life sentence!

Well, right now, I do not even have a lawyer! Oh well, not having one is about the same as having the one I had!

One quick not to all the English readers. Especially those from London. To any who lost a loved one or suffered any pain at the hands of the terrorists, my heart goes out to you all.

There was another good article about Methamphetamines in the USA today on Friday July 15, 2005 paper, in the Money B Section. It shows how it affects the brain and all that good stuff.

There was another issue that has been in the news recently. The Republicans are trying to do away with the Federal Habeas Corpus for Death Row Prisoners. It will most likely pass the House. If it becomes a law, then a lot of men and women are going to die. See, the pro-death penalty people form tight bonds and focus on the goal at hand and that is Kill, Kill and Kill. Most of the Anti-Death Penalty People just sit around complaining about Bush and this and that. If everyone would Unite and consolidate resources, the Anti-Death Penalty movement would have a louder and stronger voice. It takes money. The pros line the pockets of politicians. Until people are ready to put forth full effort, Unite and Organize, then the fight will keep going down kill for us.

I have some ideas that I will present once I get the assistance needed in getting the planned organization going. The more people who get educated about the death penalty, the more who will join the fight, then a voting block can be created and we will have a loud enough voice.

Say there is two million people in Texas who are able to vote who are against the death penalty. Well, if all those people would Unite and present the governor with a list of all the names and told him “You promise to work against the death penalty, we will all vote for you.” I guarantee you the death penalty in Texas will come to an end. Though I do not see it happening anytime soon. More so since the Republican are trying to pass that Streamline Act of 2005.

If the bill passes, a lot of people will die. The Federal Courts Act as a safety net when the state system is broken, which all can agree that the Texas Judicial System is broken. Without the Federal Habeas Corpus, a lot more people would be dead by now. It was the Federal Courts that let Earnest Willis go. Without them, he would be dead as well. But thanks to federal review, he is able to be at home with his wife.

Everyone needs to focus on the political aspect of this fight. If the Senators feel it is a good thing to be Anti-Death Penalty, they will be, even if they are truly pro-death penalty.

Now that Bush is able to place a Supreme Court Justice, it will get a lot worse! People thing Bush will listen to what they have to say. This is not true! The conservative right is trying their hardest to influence who Bush appoints to the Supreme Court. Though he has said he will appoint who he wants to appoint, I give him his care. He sticks to is guns.

07/16/2005 I just got back from visit with my wife. It was a good visit.

I sent out some legal papers to be posted. They show how I got railroaded. They as well show how I didn’t do this offense.

It felt good seeing my wife. I go through a lot of stress when I worry about her and my step-daughter. When I see them, it is the only time I am truly happy.

Damn, I hope I beat this shit. I can’t see dying for another’s actions. More so when that other person didn’t mean anything to me. I am referring to the co-defendants in the case. All I can do is fight as long and as hard as I can.

Right now I got to deal with some in-house issues concerning those people putting me on level two. They all wear gray so they are all a part of the same gang. One officer even told me “I am in the TDCJ gang and we are a large gang.” HaHa! Anyway.

I saw Robert Shields at visit as well. It is good to see that he has some family support to help him through this time in his life. I have only gotten to speak to him at visit though we do associate with a lot of the same people.

Well, I am going to bring this to an end.

I leave as I came.

Stand Tall, Fade All, Never Fall
Clinton Young
Polunsky Unit
3872 FM 350 S.
Livingston, TX 77351