Music Review: Bad to the bone

Song:Bad to the bone
Artist: George Thorogood

When I was a little boy here & there I would go visit my father. During one of these weekend visits. It was decided to have a gathering at my aunt Pams house. I was maybe 7 years old. Grown ups was sitting around outside , drinking beer & listening to the music blaring from my fathers truck. While the adults are talking about various topics of their interest, my cousin, step brother, & myself was playing around . Most likely scheming in some way that would more likely than not earn us a scolding of some sort My halfbrother Dino, whom I felt closest with when I was a boy, he is 10 years older. He yelled out to me. “Bubba theres <sup>-</sup>your song!” Prior to that, the music was simply background noise to me.

Now my curiousity  was fully peaked. As my brother has told methis song has something to do with me. Eager to hear every word, I take off running to the truck. After I climb up into the driver’s seat. I turn my ear towards the radio. Never  mind  that I could hear the music where I was previously. I wanted to fully hear & absorb the words. It was Bad to the bone. There I was sitting on knees in the front seat I listening intently to every word.

After the completion of the song, I climbed down from the truck & looked at my brother with a beaming smile & just nodded my head. Then, with all confidence said: ‘Yeah, i’m bad to the bone!”