Loud & Clear, October 2 2006

Loud & Clear, October 2 2006

I have discovered that my Use of Force videos played in more places then I thought! The sad part if that it leads people to misunderstand life in here and me. The reporter presents me as violent and liking to fight. I wrote about this in a previous article. Well, I received some Myspace messages. A child called me a killer and said I liked to fight. Well, she is half ass right. I do like to fight against those whom wish to oppress me! Those whom wish to take my life. A killer? No, I can’t say I am that. I mean, I haven’t killed anyone, so I can’t carry that title.

I do not seek pity. I do try to get others to empathize with my situation. I no longer get Use of Forces not because of concern of how it makes me look or whatever. There are different reasons. I want people to see the world through my eyes. Imagine being thrown in a cage and told “You are gonna die boy! Now you sit there on that bed and be a good prisoner until we kill you!” Ha! Yeah right! What would you do if someone took you hostage and locked you in a cage? Would you comply? Would you give them the satisfaction of being able to control everything about you? You know they are trying to kill you. You have seen them kill your friends! You have had people living next to you kill themselves, because they couldn’t handle it!

You ever looked in a little girl’s eyes as she smiled and waved at you while visiting her father, who will be getting killed in a couple of day and wonder if she understands? Magnified by the fact that her daddy didn’t kill anyone but he will still die due to a lawyer’s mistake? You ever been dragged through the media before society, branded a demon, an evil cold hearted killer unfit to live?

Classified as everything you’re not?

You ever been 19 and been told to stand, while a motherfucker looks down at you and orders you to be killed for the actions of another?

You ever been addicted to a demon?

You ever been a victim of child abuse, to where you grew up and have a real problem with another man telling you what to do?

Now have you been through all of this by the time you was 21 years old? No? Well judge me not, until you have been down the path I have.

I wrote another poem earlier today. I will share it with everyone. I was going to sleep and words popped in my mind, so I got out of bed and put them on paper. I can’t think of a name for it. Maybe one of the readers can give me a name for it? Email me a suggestion. Here it is.

I lie in this empty bed, with so many thoughts running through my head. A heavy soul, so full of dread. Twenty three years old and half dead. Ah! But I am as well half way alive. My heart beats to the rhythm of the world. Fast and steady, I strive to rise above those who despise. Adversaries surround me; they try to pull me under. Their dreams I do plunder. A will to live. A will to fight. A warrior’s soul. A warrior’s might. A tortured heart, a mind eager to know… You don’t understand? Is that a reason to hate me? To cheer when they cage me? Look into my eyes and tell me what you see.

Now search within your soul at who you strive to be. A fool amongst greatness. Love me as a Wiseman amongst the wicked. Clinton Young, October 2006

Well, let me get to the messages I got. Wayne in Canada, thanks for the words! Tell Terri I sad hello. Well, I am sure she is reading this. Hey Terri! 😉 Frauke, I am glad that you enjoy the articles. Please tell a friend or two about them! Jenny, (the one that called me a killer) I appreciate your opinion. I really do! Adversity builds character. The more against me the harder I fight! Don’t be so hateful though. Life is too short. Smile and give someone a hug. Onto others, Liane, Hey I really appreciate your help! I need all I can get! Thanks! Beth,

I am very grateful that you are willing to donate. Thank you! Any and all donations are very much needed and appreciated. Kat “Katja” thanks for subscribing. Please tell a couple friends about the articles. Thanks Andrea, liked you messages. Let me state something in reference to what you wrote. That is good to know. You wrote that I have a very extensive back ground with crime and drugs. Actually I don’t! A lot of my past charges all happened on one day when I was a juvenile. See I went in my mom’s house while they was on vacation and took some of my stepfather’s guns and me and a guy went joy riding in his step mom’s car, with my girlfriend. I was staying at his step mom’s house as she was a friend of my mother! We were going to another state. The guns was going to be sold to a guy I knew, so we would have gas money to get back. You can tell by a previous poem that I did not care too much for my stepfather when I was younger. Well, we got caught. My mom wanted me to learn a lesson. So she pressed charges. I got a burglary charge, theft of a firearm charge, and an unauthorized use of a motor vehicle charge! I was 14. I had gotten in trouble when I was 10 over some flutes that were stolen at school. I had one of them and would not tell where I got it from. A guy that I went to school with stole them. Now I did know they were stolen! I just wouldn’t tell on him. So I got probation for 6 months. The other charges I got was while I was locked up. As for drugs, I did a little when I was younger. Weed and beer, mostly.

I did have a full blown methamphetamine addiction right before I got this case! At my trial I had twice as many people testify I was a kind and loving person than the state had to say I wasn’t! The only one that the state had was people that worked for the state! Co-defendants and an ex-girlfriend. The media doesn’t report all the stuff that makes me look good. They report about what a juvenile prison guard said. Yet I had four guards testify on my behalf! All said I was a nice guy, I did get into fights and all that but that is a product of life in prison! See a lot of it looks bad. As that is how it is presented. But when you look into it you realize it isn’t what it seems. I don’t want a life sentence! Gov. Rick Perry can not give clemency. He can only delay an execution for 30 days! So asking him for anything is a waste of time! My focus is a new trial so that I can beat all the murder charges. Capital murder and even regular murder. That has to be done in the courts. That is why I need a lawyer and all the forensic testing. I told everyone for years that if I could get the ballistics tested they would show that I was not the shooter and they showed just that! I was able to get the report thanks to donations from others. Now I am trying to get others done. Writing the governor will not help me at all. Not Perry! He is with the state and he will help the prosecution. He is just like George Bush! My case has to be fought in the courts! That is the only way. The guy that was charged with Capital Murder goes home in 2008, if he isn’t out already! I appreciate your help and words! You are right it will take a lot of effort. Anyways let me get on to others.

Kat I would like to know more about how PA works. Mandy, did you get my letter? I will have another coming your way soon. Katie of Alabama, yes you! Your hand broke? No! How come you haven’t written to me? Long sigh! I am waiting! Anthony, what you wrote was very interesting. Maybe one day your theory will be proved. Emily, thanks for your willingness to donate. It is very much appreciated. The best investment you ever made! Thanks!

Well I am going to close it down for now. I am trying to not write the articles so long. I will address the other messages when I get them. If anyone has any questions or comments please feel free to write or send an email. When I get it I will respond!

I am going to wrap this one up. I leave as I came.

Veni Vidi Vici

In solidarity

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