Loud & Clear, November 13 2006

Loud & Clear, November 13 2006

Greetings to all!

Why are human beings the only creatures that have to get their wisdom teeth cut out of their heads? I found myself asking that question last week as I waited for the dentist to do just that. In the early morning hours of Nov. 9th I was told to pack my property that I was going to the prison hospital in Galveston, T.X., which is actually the University of Texas Medical Branch. The hospital has floors set aside for the prison outside of the holding cells it looks just like a free world hospital, on most floors besides the electronic gates. I got there and was not told to not eat. So when the dentist found out that I ate they couldnt do the surgery as they had to put me under anesthesia. They admitted me and moved me to another floor. When a person gets actually admitted, they get a cell with a TV. The first thing I thought about was how this was going to mess up my mail, and it did!

Anyways, they put me in the cell and I look up at the TV. There it was all nice and pretty with the damn cord hanging down as it had been cut in half. I just started laughing. It fits my luck perfectly to be placed in a cell with a TV that didnt work! A few hours later a nurse came by and asked my medical history and told me the operation would not be until Wednesday. So here I am in a cell with no property, no hygiene and a TV that doesnt work for at least 3 more days. They brought me half a small bar of soap, a tooth brush, and some tooth powder. I paced my cell, worked out and went to sleep. The next morning at breakfast, which was served at 7:00 AM, instead of 5:00 AM like at the prison units, I got my breakfast plate which had eggs, bacon, 2 biscuits, peaches, and buttered grits with sugar and milk. It has been a long time since I had bacon. I love me some bacon! The food is the same as the regular hospital food, so that was a plus! Then two sergeants show up at my door to move me to another cell with a working TV. Now I didnt ask to move. I know another cell was open. But I wasnt about to ask them for anything. Plus TV isnt important to me. Turns out there was a fight between two inmates that are actual residents there. The sergeant made sure to let me know that they was moving me for their benefit. I just shrugged my shoulders and told him, It dont matter. I must admit that TV has gotten even worse. Most of the shows are just totally stupid! I even found shows that I used to enjoy simple and tedious. I ended up just watching the Discovery Channel and the Animal Planet. I watched a few other shows. Of the new ones the best I think is That 70’s Show, that one is funny. That and South Park. I decided to watch the news. A guy comes on and says, Breaking News! Now when he says this, I am thinking a disaster happened or some fraud was exposed in the recent elections. Something important! Then the jackass says, Brittany Spears seeks divorce! I wasnt on the entertainment channel! It was the regular evening news. My jaw actually dropped and I said, What, out loud. As a nation what have we come to when a washed up pop singer that prances around like a slut, even though she knows a lot of little girls look up to her, decides to leave an idiot with an identity crisis and this is Breaking News? I am quite certain that time slot could have been filled with information about a child that was kidnapped or some rapist that was in the loose. Some type of information that can benefit society! I didnt watch anymore news!

Wednesday gets here and they come to get me for surgery. Well, hold up let me tell another part. Tuesday night a nurse brought me a hospital gown and hair net to wear when I go into oral surgery. She told me I had to wear that and to take everything off when I got ready for surgery. I said, Hold up, you want me to get completely naked and just wear this gown? She said yes. I just smiled and said, I am just having my tooth pulled! It didnt matter. Damn perverts will look for any reason to get you naked in hospitals! Go in for an ear exam, O, take off you clothes and wear this gown! Ha, ha! Now I am actually a modest individual. So I made up my mind real quick that I wasnt getting my tooth pulled butt as naked! I didnt have to. I wore pants and the gown. I think the nurse was just confused.

When they start getting ready to do the surgery they hooked me up to the heart monitor and stuck an I.V. in me. I couldnt help but think about how we get executed. They use anesthesia first. The doctor had like four needles. When he started getting ready to put one in to the I.V. line, I could hear the beeping of the heart monitor start to speed up as my heart started racing. I found out on Monday that they was going to put me to sleep to do the procedure. So until Wednesday I kept having paranoid thoughts that I as going to wake up or would have some type of reaction to the drugs and end up dying. It was really bothering me. I didnt sleep worth a damn! Some of the guys that had the best chances of going home have died of natural causes in here, one guy died of hepatitis C and he was about to go home FREE! Ever since I finally got the ballistics that show I could not have been the shooter, I have had a deep paranoia that I am going to get cancer or something. I have no diseases or anything. So when I move into a new cell I disinfect it fanatically. Anyways, they wake me up and show me the tooth. They had to cut the tooth in half and cut it out of my head. In mid-operation I woke up slightly and heard a noise. I remember thinking, What are they cutting? And back out I went! I am still all out of it, so after they show me the tooth, back out I go. I dont know how I got back in bed and all the restraints off of me. While there, all high security inmates are pushed around in a wheel chair with leg restraints and hand cuffed on, but cuffed in front. I finally get up and start moving around. My mouth is full of bloody gauze so I changed it out. About 8 hours passes and I start thinking why hasnt a nurse brought me some pain medication and antibiotics? So I tell an officer to let a nurse know I had oral surgery and I havent got no pain medication. Thirty minutes later an officer brings back a little cup with a pack of Tylenol. Regular Tylenol! Two 35mg pills. I take it thinking to myself well maybe this is to hold me over until pill call in a few hours. I finally see a nurse walk by and I tell her what was doe and about my medication. She comes back with a little cup with two pills in it. I shake the cup and say, What are these? She says, Tylenol. I asked, Tylenol? Like a regular pack of Tylenol? The nurse then replies, Yes. I am sorry but we lost your chart! I laughed and said, Thank you ma’am. I was supposed to have been getting Tylenol #3s which have codeine, 800mgs of Ibuprofen and antibiotics. My main concern was the antibiotics as I had a huge hole in my mouth. The surgery was done at around 8:30 AM on Nov. 8th, 2006. I did not get any actual pain medication or antibiotics until 2:00 AM, Nov. 11th,2006! I got back to the row on Nov. 9th. A nurse here thankfully put in an order for me. I am glad that I have a high tolerance for physical pain. I learned a long time ago that it can be blocked with the mind. I got bad luck huh? Well, it gets worse. I only got mail one day in the week of Oct. 30th to Nov. 3rd. I was gone from Nov. 6th to Nov 9th. So they sent all that mail to the medical unit in Galveston. I came back here before they gave it to me. So now I got to wait until the medical unit has something coming back to this unit for me to get it, as it gets transported by a prison van. So basically it will be about a week before I get all that mail. So if anyone does not receive word from me in the normal time that is the reason. When I get my mail I will respond. I was going to make this article a really long one but I am going to cut it short. I will have another article that will be very interesting in 3 to 4 days. So please tune in. It would be best for people to send their email address to my Loud and Clear email clintloudandclear@yahoo.com and Sarah will just email the article to you.

I just wanted to tell everyone about my wonderful trip to have a tooth cut out of my head! To those that sent me letters about Mike after he killed himself. Had it been a different situation it would have disturbed me. We talked a lot when we was around each other. He done what many wouldnt because they stand on hope that the courts will give a favorable last minute stay of execution. O damn that reminds me, the press release of his suicide was total bullshit! He didnt even die as I thought he did. His cell was covered with bloody messages of I didnt kill him and I didnt shoot that man and so forth. See what did disturb me is Mike got a stay of execution before! This was his second date! Well, he got a stay because a signed confession was found that his co-defendants made. The prosecution had this 30 days before Mike went to trial. Yet they still let the guy say on the stand that it was Mike that done it. They knew that was a lie. Yes, that means Mike did not kill anyone and the prosecution knew this. He got a stay of execution back in 2003 or late 2002, because the signed confession was found in the file of his co-defendant. He received another execution date because the court ruled that the evidence was procedurally barred as his lawyer did not file it on time. In a nut shell the court said, Fuck the fact that you didnt do it, you got to die because your lawyer did not do his job! Welcome to the American justice system!

This fact is why I need to obtain forensic experts and an actual paid attorney for my next appeal. People do not realize how flawed the system is. They are too worried about Brittany Spears getting divorced! Thats all today. Tune in next time and tell a friend.

I leave as I came,

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