Loud & Clear Aug 24th 2010

Loud & Clear  Aug 24th 2010

I finally got married again. I know to many this comes as a surprise, as I’d never mentioned being this close to that level with anyone. I’m a private person like that. Sadly, we are already having problems. 🙁 It seems as if a divorce is in the near future; I married myself & it seems we just can’t get along! Me and I are always fighting! hahaha :)I have gone to look for myself and should I return before I get back, please keep me here! Ha! No, I haven’t gone crazy yet, though I am pretty damn close. I figured with all the talk on gay marriage & such in the US media right now, I would just file to marry myself.. Then I thought it would be best not to do it, as we would just end up fighting all the time. :)Seriously though, it’s interesting how this issue is being raised at the same time everybody is up in arms over Washington getting too big. People say the government has too much control and it is too big, yet they want government to control the bedroom & lives of certain sectors of society. See, the thing is that when you give power over something to the government, it may be applied in one sense while a specific group is in power. Once that shifts, however, the law is open to be applied  how the next group of people in power deem fit. An example: back in the day, inter-racial marriages were outlawed in certain states. People have supported the state having such a law. Ok, with the state having this power, it then has the power to enforce such a law. They could make mandatory blood tests to check the DNA of each person getting married, under the premise of “racial purity”. So if an individual falls in love with a woman/man but comes to find out through the state’s in-depth testing that the person is 1/16th Native American, the state could possibly ban the marriage whilst keeping the files of such people to make sure that they would not try to marry inter racially again. The point is, government has no right being in peoples’ personal lives. If I wanted to marry three women and all 3 were of proper age and knew/agreed with such a union, why does the government have the right to say I can’t? Why would these women and me be denied of our happiness? I understand and believe in a social moral code, however I don’t think our government should involve itself in marriages. The government shouldn’t give tax breaks or privileges for married people. Marriage is personal, therefor it should retain no favor or loss from the government. There is a growing movement created by the Christian Right. I listen to American Family radio every day. These people rally about big business this & that and how Obama is trying to mess screw big businesses over. They preach about how Washington is tearing up the constitution. It’s interesting to hear how they outline their arguments. They yell about the government’s attack on limiting their freedom of public practice of religion. They then yell about the constitution for freedom of religion, then say things like “it supports Muslims being able to build mosques”, etc. Though this is ONLY so that they don’t appear to be aiming to promote a specific agenda. These are the same people that, when the US Supreme Court banned the execution of minors, called Justice Stevens who authored the court ruling “a spawn of Satan & a threat to America,” and so forth. The sad part is, when it comes to shows like this one, the average listener is not one to methodically read between the lines & see where a potential argument may be headed, as they are looking for advice and guidance. If people want to know where these arguments are headed they  need to read a book called ‘The Handmaids Tale’. I read that book and understood the dangers of such an influence. American Family Radio supports the death penalty saying ‘an eye for an eye’, and that the law of the land is to be followed. If these people have power in government, then they make the laws… and death may become applicable to many more offenses. I was listening to a show on AFR and a man was ranting about Obama and Washington DC. He was comparing the administration to a dragon up on a hill watching over a village while the villagers have to slave and give the dragon gold. I’m sure everyone knows how all dragon fairy tales end, and this man was talking about having to “slay the dragon” of course he would add in “… Come November”, since that is when the elections are drawn out. Strangely, he would say “slay the dragon” three times but said “come November” once. He also mentioned that all this is “G-d’s will” & such. A fanatic that is listening to this program would get the impression that it would be an act of god & country to slay this “dragon”, clearly a metaphor for Obama. I haven’t heard that guy on the radio any more so maybe even they thought that he was walking that line a little too close. I am not 100% against the politics of such shows. I am a conservative on many issues, though my whole slant is common sense and personal responsibility. That being said, on some issues I am more of a liberal, as well. What offends my sensibilities the most about shows such as these on American Family Radio is that one breath they scream an originator view point, meaning that they believe in the constitution in its ORIGINAL form. Then, in the next breath they rally against the treatment of Muslim women, which leads to  random women calling them in to support their battle cry. Sometimes I want to grab these people and ask them if they’re seriously that stupid. If the constitution was in its original form, a woman could not vote, own property or have equal rights/respect as men. If women wanted to gather anywhere a man would have to be involved, so there couldn’t even be an all-female organization. The “founding fathers” made the constitution so it would be amended and it was designed to be changed by expansion when future issues developed. It took such a change in 1920 when women were given the right to vote. They scream states rights, which is a part of the constitution- but they yell for Washington to stay out of the state’s business. I want to ask if any of these women played high school sports and if they enjoyed it. If they did, they should thank Washington for going against states, in Title 9 ending gender discrimination in school sports. In the state of Texas, up until the 1970’s (!!!!!), a husband could legally RAPE his wife. Any husband accused of raping his wife would be free from prosecution, and if a women killed her rapist husband- she could not claim self defense. So just 40 years ago, if you were married in TX, that “honey I have a headache” talk wouldn’t fly. He could rape you and there was not a damn thing you could do about it, legally. Companies didn’t want to give women equal pay, as big businesses tried to cut corners where they could. It was Washington that made it so that if you were a woman you were entitled to equal pay. There are women that vote for the Republican party just because they are against abortions. People have stop voting over one single issue. People need to vote, period. In Texas, if you are a felon, you can still vote, if you are OFF of parole. People constantly ask about what they can do to change things. In Texas, the people vote for a county prosecutor as well as judges, so don’t ONLY vote for senators/governors/presidency. Start locally. Most people don’t even know about the officials that run their own county! Another thing I would like to mention is that women come on shows about activist judges & the Supreme Court making rulings they don’t concur with. It took the US Supreme Court to make it legal for all women to be able to use birth control pills, because contraceptives were illegal. People need to comprehend that when they listen to a specific political program, it is pushing for its own agenda. Everyone should educate themselves AND think for themselves. The people preaching this aforementioned fear of Washington are the same ones that cite “to serve and obey” in marriage vows. They are the same people that support individual states rights when some states have laws that condone raping wives, denying females of contraceptives and underpaying employees that are women. The only reason these people put a focus on women now, is because women voters play a powerful role in politics now, and they are merely trying to expand their base to have more power. Observe history and see WHO you are really giving power to. Ask a Southern Baptist church leader why it is called the “Southern” Baptist Church. Why did the “Southern” part of said church break off? I will give you a hint; it happened around the time of the US Civil War. Ignorance is the greatest key to self-destruction. I am not, against religion. Not at all. I am against using politics to advance religion & using religion to advance politics. More so, when you say “G-d gave me the power of choice.”


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