Loud and Clear: Another week, Another battle on death row

Loud and Clear: Another week, Another battle on death row
Clinton Lee Young- Loud and clear
Date March 30th, 2015

It never fails in this camp. Always something! This time it was the  inmate  kitchen workers & 12 building officers double stacking breakfast trays. Breakfast is passed out at 2:30-3:30 in the morning on average. Mass majority are asleep. Some do not get up for breakfast. Unless it is something not normally given. Such as coffee cake, or cinnamon roll.

As a result of this, they do not give attention to the tray cart or tray carrier, that they would during the day time.

I will explain how the food is delivered to the pods on 12-building. Being that we can not walk to the chow hall, like those in general population. The food has to be brought to us. The main kitchen puts the food in holding bins to stay warm. It is carted to 12-building. The carts are plugged up to keep the food warm. Trays with food are placed on a line. As the tray slides down the line, food is placed on it in individual slots. It then is placed on another cart. These carts also are to be plugged up. The cart holds 42 trays. It is wheeled to the pod & plugged up. The officers then use a hand held carrier. They place 7 trays in the carrier. It is 7, as there is 7 cells per row of cells. That is how it is SUPPOSED to happen. At breakfast time, the punk ass inmates working in the kitchen. They were putting 84 trays on the cart. Which means the bottom of one tray is on top of the food of another tray. I mentioned the tray sliding down the line, being held by different people… Okay, I am sure you get the idea. The officers were then putting 14 trays on the carrier. All so that they could feed quicker, & the inmates could get back to their living area quicker.

Due to being asleep. I did not know that for a long time now, this has been happening. Wonder why I got sick a couple months ago. A little over a week ago, when I got my tray, I happened to see the carrier & seen the trays double stacked.

I had gotten my tray & did not see it until the food slot was closed. I said “Hell NO” What the fuck are you all dong!?” The female officer looked at me like I was crazy & said “what?”. Maybe they have been doing it longer then I though & she thought that was the norm. The male officer said, “Young, that is how the kitchen has been sending them.” The next day an officer worked that I had previous discussed this kind of issue with. I did not bother making an issue of it, as I did not expect it to happen. At breakfast time, I get my tray & am walking across the cell when I look at it. I see the indention of another tray, on my bread. I grabbed the bread & threw it across the cell. Then told the officers “You motherfuckers done lost your damn mind!” I then asked if all the trays were double stacked. A guy that has been here for at least three months. He said “yeah, they always are”. We have an exchange, which I was none to calm about. The officer goes to the chow cart, calls out the cell I am in. He opens the door so I can see that the kitchen double stacked the trays like that. Now here is where it gets to the usual bullshit. I wrote to the kitchen captain the next day about it. I got NO response. Though I know how this camp works. See I got no response, as I put specific times & officers. If the rank writes on it, that she investigated & it didn’t happen. I can use that to prove otherwise. As there is a multi million dollar camera system here. 2 cameras actually cover the area where the cart is plugged up. It can easily be seen, the trays are double stacked. I asked another guy to write the kitchen captain a simpler I-60 (which is an official form for  TDCJ .) just indicating the trays were double stacked. Now I asked this guy, as he has a rather popular  blog. Ofcourse like most around here. It is easy to write online about something & hide behind the women they write to complain. Then do something their damn self. After I laid out my idea to him. He made this excuse & that excuse. I just laughed. I wanted to say “Yeah if the laws beat your fuckin ass one day. I will be sure to react the same way.”

Another guy that overheard the conversation. He wrote the message I was mentioning. While I did not expect him to. He wrote it as I wanted. Next day, I am talking to another guy about the tray situation. He then yells out. “Hey Loki, I wrote the kitchen captain. She wrote back!”. The message was EXACTLY what I knew it would be. “I investigated this matter. No one is double stacking the trays.” See that morning it was not done. As I had been making such a big issue about it. So the rank can say they checked the cameras. Yeah THAT day, but what about the previous day & beyond!? I was getting ready to write a long letter to the kitchen captain, outlining what I was going to have done. From writing a grievance, to having my  lawyers  call the Huntsville headquarters & having friends & family call & complain until it stops.

Though the next night an officer worked. This officer has been here for years & knows me. He expressed that it was being done on his card also. (there are 2 carts. Each card has two shifts. A card is a set of officers working.) He expressed that he hated the trays like that, as it gets food everywhere. He mentioned that he was going to talk to a rank that night. Ends up talking to the rank over the main kitchen at night time. As other building ranks told him to report it to the kitchen rank. (The unit holds 2,900 people, that’s like feeding a small city!)

The night time kitchen rank came back to 12-building & told the working inmates, “don’t give a damn what officer tells you to double stack trays. You do it, you all are getting disciplinary cases.” A disciplinary case can be the difference between a person getting parole or not!

The next night, I mention something to a different rank. This was a female rank. She had been an officer back here during the day time. She acted with disgust about it & said “oh no, that is unsanitary! No, that is not going to happen.” At breakfast on this pod. The cart & carrier was as it should be. The next day I asked the officer working (the officers rotate on pods. They do not work the same pod every day.) I asked her if the pod she worked on the night before, had a cart with double stacked trays. She responded, “No, not the pod I was working. Though a couple pods did & had to send the carts back.” That meant the kitchen workers had to re-make the trays on all of the carts. Thus has brought to an end this awful disgusting practice! Veni, Vidi, fucking VICI! 🙂 HAHA

Took me a damn week to get fixed a problem, that should have been relatively simple to fix. Now I got to make sure I mention it here & there to keep it from happening again.

Another note about the showers. As I have mentioned, it is common to have to clean them myself. There are other guys here that do the same as me. Though we are a minority. However, I wanted to point out that I was placed in the shower for the section that holds  death watch . As the officers could not get the door open for the shower on the section I am housed at. (the electronic locks sometimes does not work & the officers did not have the keys.) The shower was in good shape on A.section ( death watch ). I noticed a wash cloth in the shower, so I yelled to a couple guys on the section about it. To see if someone had forgot it. As it was hanging from a string. One guy yelled back. “That’s our cleaning rag, to clean the shower.” I yelled back “right on!” I couldn’t help but smile. These dudes are waiting to be  executed . All have  execution  dates to die. THEY are taking the time to clean the shower. People never fail to amaze me.

On to other matters. No news on my case at this time. I was shocked for there to be no word in March. Though I was going by the times for other guys in my kind of situation. The difference is that the opinion by the previous court was FAR longer then normal, plus all the other filings my  lawyers  & etc made. It would naturally take more time to sort through it all. With easier being next Sunday, (at the time of writing this.) The  courts  will be on a holiday vacation. I expect it will be a few more weeks or so.

In the main time my  lawyers  are trying to get some  forensic  testing done. Once all the paper work for it is sorted, I will have a copy posted. I am really slacking on getting new  legal  papers filed on my site. I have been dealing with so many issues. Though in April, my focus will be to get new  legal  material posted. There have been 3 or 4  blogs  posted in the past 3 weeks. If you missed one, be sure to check the previous  blogs  posted. Though it seems no one reads my , as no one comments to me about them. Actually, one person did. Maybe people make the comments on my Facebook pages. I wouldn’t know, being as I do not have access to Facebook.

Also people, please keep in mind the possibility of typos. I am not stupid, so if something does not seem right. Then it is more likely then not I made a typo that I missed when I re-read my letter or  blog . That or the person posting it missed it. There has been times, in letters I wrote. That I meant to write “I might not…”, though I mistakenly wrote. “I might…”  Like on a Facebook message, I had accidentally referred to Santa Claus as satan Claus. 🙂 haha. I type so fast, I just missed the error. Plus typewriters do not have spell check. Haha. My politically correct typewriter autocorrected Santa to satan 🙂 haha.

Alrighty then. Thanks to those that downloaded the songs, & all that. I understand that many expressed that there was not a shirt in their size. I am trying to get this fixed. With that I am gone. Another blog next week. I need to expand on a point I missed about the relationship topic! Also go over some ideas. Take care.

In solidarity, I remain Veni, Vidi, Vici.