Loud & Clear: USA Today article

Clinton Lee Young – Loud & clearTopic: USA Today articleDate: Feb. 11th, 2021 The article posted by USA Today newspaper was well written. I liked how it covered the problems in my case and she tied it into the bigger problem of poor people not getting lawyers. Which is an angle the foundation is growing […]

Denied and you must DIE!!!

Loud and Clear Feb 12. 2014 Denied and you must DIE!!! The title of this blog sums up the courts recent 445 page opinion in my case. I wish I could throw out some strength based quote of inspiration. Though that is not a true reflection of what I feel right now. Being unable to […]

Loud & Clear, September 23, 2009

Loud & Clear, September 23, 2009 The past week has been a journey. I took a trip back to Midland County to attend a hearing to secure the judge in my case. The judge that presided over the hearing ruled against us and allowed the judge to stay on my case. That was expected. It […]

Loud & Clear, September 8, 2009

Loud & Clear, September 8, 2009 STRENGTH!!\ How strong is a man supposed to be? What is the measure of a man? In a way the measure of a man is like the concept of reality. It’s according to the person and culture. Reality is based on perception.I had someone that is a a close […]

Loud & Clear, October 8 2006

Loud & Clear, October 8 2006 Greetings to all! The cool thing to do now is to go into schools and shoot a bunch of little girls! There were three such acts in the USA in one week. One resulted in 5 Amish girls getting killed. At another, sexual abuse was involved. The cops stormed […]