Quick ways to help

1. Donate money using Paypal or bank transfer (click here to go the the Donate page)
2. Share the site or pages on social media using the ‘Share buttons’ at the bottom of each page
3. Ask friends and family to share and donate


There is an international effort to raise awareness to the injustice that was done in the case of Clinton Young. We seek all those that wish to help in this effort.

What can you do?


1. Donate: donate to help raise funds for Clinton’s defense. Please have a look at ‘Contact and contribute’ part of the website to find out how you can donate.

2. Share: you can help raise awareness by posting a link to the website www.saveaninnocentlife.com, the available videos or the Clinton Young Facebook page, on your personal social media page(s).  We have also put together campaign packs that are available at the store. These are to help raise funds and provide those that want to actively raise awareness for Clinton’s case, the tools to do so.

3. Ask friends and family to share and donate: you can help raise awareness by asking your friends and family to share the link to the website and/or the available videos.


Clinton Young and those that support him thank you for your time and attention given to our efforts. It truly does make a difference!