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New Legal Filings

The following documents are some of the current filings being done in my case. There are additional filings. Though they mainly consist of these same documents & or themes. Though are filed in a different way to satisfy various legal statutes. There is some work being done that I cannot openly discuss at this time. One effort I simply just do not have the copies yet. It has been long overdue for me to post additional legal material. It is important that people have faith that positive steps are being taken.

Within these various documents are statements given that show a clear pattern that the prosecutor was willing to go to any length to secure the conviction. Even telling Page what to say, so that his story matched the evidence. Also, how no one wanted to hear anything unless it supported what Page said. People came forward & instead of being grateful for some sort of truth being revealed, they got mad at the truth. As you all will read, this is not just ONE solo person coming forward. It is over half a dozen! That is not an oddity. It is a FACT PATTERN that has developed. One to where the themes are common. A prosecutor willing to do whatever it takes to win. Also, that Clinton Young is not the monster this prosecutor wishes he was.

Other documents will be posted that show my position of the case to be even stronger. Just please bear with me. Many things are going on and developing.

The state has no new evidence. They just try to jump through loop holes in the law. They try to depend on what they call evidence. Though every time they cite some as evidence, it is from the words of the co-defendant during my trial. In these statements & legal filings it mentions the numerous times Page & I are apart. The simple reason was I did not kidnap Samuel Petry. Plus I had emptied the gun without Page knowing. While I was asleep & without knowing, he bought more bullets. Also, you can read about how the police never investigated the scene where Petry was supposedly kidnapped from. They simply went with what Page told them. Even after failing the lie detector test.

While I can argue the legal & factual elements of the case all day long & show how they favor me, I am fully aware of the element that is outside of the bounds of laws & courtrooms. That is the moral element. Such is not lost to me. It is something I have thought about since Nov. 26th 2001. However, I did take steps to attempt to prevent anything bad happening. Also, there was no desire on my part to kidnap anyone. Much less kill some old man who certainly was no threat to myself. People often make comments about my being in the stolen truck running from the police. Soon documents will be posted that show from Pages own mouth that he told me to get rid of the gun & truck.

I can easily blame the effects of drug usage over the weeks prior to the crime happening. While I will explain away the lies, I am not attempting to make excuses. It is also why the theme of the campaign is not FREE Clinton Young, but instead is SAVE Clinton Young. I want a new trial. I want what the law says I am supposed to have. It is with a new trial that I can show the truth. That no one was killed for their car. That I did not kill anyone.

While my focus is the actual murders, it is important that I point out some additional matters. The state tried to paint me as a child molester (never convicted) to get people to hate me. As stated in the previous legal documents. I have never hurt a child in my life! There was a fight I had with a gang member who was one year older than me & bigger than me. I was 14. He was 15. Under state law a child is anyone under 17. A fight that go out of control. It is not the same as some pedophile!!! They said these lies to get people to turn on me as you will read in Josh Tuckers statement. Also, the presentation that I beat my girlfriend is a gross exaggeration. I did push her. She stated I hit her once. I never ‘hit’ her. Though I grabbed her first & then pushed. Which still is not right. It is something I am ashamed of. As growing up seeing my own mother abused & step mothers abused. I always swore I would never put my hands on a woman like that. The simple fact of it is. I was high on meth. She started to yell at me & get in my face. Every time I tried to walk past her she would get back in my face. She yelled at me “ I hate you!” I remember grabbing her face. Then I remember her on the ground & yelling ‘stay the fuck out of my face.’ I was wrong. Though I did not ‘beat’ her.


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