‘The case that resulted in my getting sent to death row occurred in late November 2001. I was 18 years and 4 months old at the time. Of the four people involved, I alone was sent to death row.


It was only through a series of half-truths, boldly told lies and myths fabricated by the state prosecutors and politicians, who depend on a fearful populous to gain votes, this was able to happen. My own ignorance, low socio-economic status and refusal to cooperate with police didn’t help matter any. I had faith in the justice system to a degree. I had no idea how far the prosecutors would really go to get a death sentence against me.


The state of Texas has a long running history for use of the death penalty. Texas is well known for being ‘tough on crime’. Sadly, this outdated policy of convict at any cost, has resulted in many innocent people spending countless years in prison.


The information on this website is not about the death penalty though; it’s about the injustice that was done in my case and how I was convicted for a crime I did not commit. Now I am fighting for my life, as my appeals dwindle away. I desperately need to be able to hire my own lawyers, investigators and experts. I am very grateful for any & all help. It truly is a life saver. Thank you!’


Clinton Lee Young