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eyesheaderWritten by Clinton Lee Young on July 8th 2014

My name is Clinton Lee Young. I was born July 19th, 1983 in Mount Pleasant, Texas. I was born premature due to my mothers stress induced hypertension, my fathers emotional, mental and physical abuse being the contributing factor. The events surrounding my birth seemed to have a life of struggle for me.  My mother left my father shortly after my birth. He later kidnapped me to use me for ransom. The cost for my mother to get me back was for her to sign an agreement that she would not seek child support.

I spent many of my childhood years in the Lake O’ the pines area. A very small community by the name of Mims, Texas. My mother wanted me to have interaction with my father. He moved around working various industrial construction jobs. It allowed me to travel to other states, such as Ohio, Wyoming and North Carolina. My fathers abuse was not restricted to the women in his life. He shared it with his children. I have two older half brothers and two older half sisters from my fathers side. I am the only child from my mother and father. My mother remarried a few year later and remains so. From that marriage my younger sister was born.

Growing up as a child in a small community, with no children my age, I always thought older then I was. When I started school at 5 years old, it was difficult for me. As I had rarely been separated from my mother. She being the only one that told me what to do. It was hard for me to accept other adults, who were not my mother, telling me what to do. Plus, as I wrote, I thought older then the children around me. I was always considered to be with above average intelligence. I was very receptive of my environment. I was aware of my parents being divorced and why. I also was aware of the fact that I would never have a ‘ loving relationship’ with my stepfather, which is sadly not uncommon for stepparents. At this age I had very limited interaction with my older brothers. In short, I knew there was lots of stuff wrong. Though I lacked the emotional maturity to adequately process it.

I then had a first grade teacher who allowed her conflict with my mother, to spill over to her way of treating me (my mother had went to the same school). The teacher for example called me stupid in front of the whole class. All because I couldn’t spell a word, as a 6 year old. My response was to rebel against her and I would tear up my spelling books. Their response was to label me as ADHD and place me on powerful stimulant medication, known as Ritalin. There began the spiral of stigmitation and feelings of being treated as if I was ‘ abnormal and broken’. As a child I only wanted what everyone wanted, love and acceptance along with attention and recognition.

My conflicts with school offlicals would frustrate my mother. My stepfathers drinking was getting worse. The spiral spun faster, I began bouncing between my parents. Looking back and having the knowledge I now do, all I needed was understanding and explaination, not medication! Though sadly in the US the pharmacutical companies hustle pills like a drug cartel. It has been reported that the doctors are now giving 2 year old children Ritalin. Never mind the fact that those pills now require warning labels. As they have been found to cause psychotic episodes in children. I was never considered an evil or even a mean child. I got along with many of my teachers in school. The common thread was the all treated me normal and like every other child. One of these teachers I still am in contact with. She has been to visit me. My favorite subjects in school were always history and science related. When I was 14, I took a class in Sociology. It has held my interest since then. I like to study how different groups interact and the ways that different cultures have developed. The one great aspect of coming to death row, is that i have gotten to interact with people from all over the world, exchanging letters and some even having coming to visit me!

As a child my best memories from the time I spent with my father, were the trips we would make to various racing events, namely NHRA DragRaces, Monster Truck rallies and World of Outlaws sprint cars, which I loved as they were small and really fast. Kind of like me :). It was full throttle all the way.

My brothers being 10 years older then me, they weren’t exactly eager to have me follow them around everywhere. I always cherished the time I got to spent with them. One of my older sisters and I spent the most time together. As we were only a few years apart I was closest with her. My little sister was my heart. I also have a step sister I was close with.
As a child I spent most time of the summer in or around the lake. I loved fishing and swimming!

Growing up in North East Texas, many people traditionally hunt. My mothers side of the family and my stepfather were no different. Though it was never sport hunting, just to kill a trophy animal. They would actually eat the deer meat. Being that I did not like the taste, I saw no reason to harm a deer. I did not like hunting! I enjoyed running through the woods seeing deers, squirrels and various birds.

I had many pets. If I could catch it, it got a name and became a pet! We had dogs. Namely family friendly types such as labradors and a golden retreiver. I had pets such as a racoon, iguana, cat, catfish, godlfish, rabbit, hamsters, guinea pigs and even a goose for a short while, untill it was ready to fly off. Out of all of them, the goose was actually the neatest. It was a really great ‘guard dog’. Better then my dog! It was always funny to see the goose chaising my golden retreiver around the yard! 🙂 My favorite animals are orca’s, falcons, polar bears, tigers and a pink pig! I loved fruit over candy. I favor the normal southern foods, fried chicken, barbeque and the sort. My weakness is sour cream and onion flavored chips. Also Ranch dressing, which I think is a flavor that is only available in the U.S. See there is what makes America great! 🙂 I read a lot as a child. Actually was ahead of my class when it came to reading. I have always prefered to be outside, over couped up in a house. I love the summertime, I think it should be 90 degrees F 364 days out of the year. The only exception being Christmas. It should drop a foot of snow on Christmas, then right back up to 90! (Many people think Texas is all heat. Not so, as some parts of the state get blizzards during the winter. Texas is a huge state, one part can be coverd in snow and the other part could be 90F.) I always have prefered comedy movies. As a child I would watch Fern Gully and Who framed Roger Rabbit over and over again. Finally, one of the VHS tapes broke! (To those younger then 18, DVDs wasn’t always around 🙂 )

My life exposed me to many different elements that have shaped me into the man I am today. The adversity has made me stronger. Though having been locked up at such a young age. I have been on death row since I was 19 years old. I not only fight for my life, I also fight for ‘a life’, the life I have never truly got to live.

I discuss more about myself, life and experience on death row and the criminal justice system in my blogs Loud and Clear.

I do thank you for visiting my website. I do not have acces to the internet, death row in Texas is not even allowing TV! My friends help me post on and maintain this site. If you would like to communicate with me personally, then you can write to me at:

Clinton Young #204321
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Veni, Vidi, Vici, In Solidarity I remain,

Clinton Young