Write Clinton

For those that write to me with jpay.com.

Due to past problems of me not getting every jpay email sent, due to printer complications or mailroom personal mishap, I ask that when you send me a jpay. that you please email your name, the date you sent the jpay email & the Letter ID number.

Once a week Alex will forward me the list. This way if I do not receive your jpay, I can get the name, date, letter ID number. With that information I can inform the mailroom clerks. They then can go back & re-print it so that I will receive it. This helps reduce delays & allows me to make sure that I do not miss the words of anyone that wishes to write. The email is letters@saveaninnocentlife.com

If you write to me with regular mail, I ask that you still please write my information in black or blue ink, with YOUNG the 447 part of my number in red ink.

This is because last name & last three digits are the most important information for the prison system. By doing my address this way, it will insure that I have less complications getting it. There is over 2900 people on this unit. That is a great deal of mail to sort. The mailroom clerks recieve it, then sort it by building & pods. It then goes to the various pods the officer sort it by cell. It then is passed out. (The officers do not read the mail. The mailroom clerks do open inspect all mail, so as to prevent illegal items being mailed in)

I came up with the idea of red ink as red is a powerful color that captures a persons attention. It draws the eye to it. Which the most important details being hilighted in such a way, it greatly reduces chance of any human error. There are problems , I look for solutions. I ask that when send a letter or card that my address be written as such.

Clinton YOUNG
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston TX 77351

Not all at this unit is Death Row. So writing it in such a way, it will prevent the letter from going to the wrong building, as they will see the D.R for Death Row. Also 999 is purely a death row number. It is basically an extra safety net. The 447 & YOUNG in red helps make sure the pod officers clearly see where it is going.

This idea is for those that write to me. If all did it , it would defeat the purpose of doing it !

Thus if you write to someone else, then I would suggest you create your own unique pattern. Again, if you write to me via jpay.com email letter option, then I ask after sending the jpay letter, that you send just your name, date jpay sent & the letter ID number located on the jpay heading. Send this information to letters@saveaninnocentlife.com Once a week it will then , the list of names, dates and numbers be sent to me by Alex.

This information DOES NOT allow anyone to see your letters. Such will remain private. YES these steps require a bit of extra time. However it is much better then the days weeks of delay added in, if I do not get your words.

Thank you.