The video(s) that is/are available here, are to help better understand Clinton and his struggle. In addition to raising support for his case and defense campaign, there is a video that was put together by family and friends, to show the world that there are people that love Clinton and many who’s lives have been impacted in a positive way through knowing him. If you wish to order this video, please contact us.

The media visit videos are from various media’s around the world that have interviewed Clinton. They provide a chance to get to hear and see Clinton speak about his case and life.

We thank everyone for the time and attention given to review these videos and other aspects of the S.A.I.L campaign.

The 8th Amendment
from Posh Productions

The 8th Amendment shines a European light on capital punishment in the US. With respect for everyone involved, filmmaker Jessica Villerius looks for the point of, if any, the death penalty in general. She talks to lawyers, prison guards, officials, survivors, family members of both perpetrators and victims, exonorees and to a young man that soon will be executed for a crime he says he could never have committed.

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 News article belonging to the video(In Norwegian)