Texas Death Row

Loud & Clear: The b/s never ends

Clinton Lee Young: Loud and Clear Topic: The b/s never ends Date: June 27th 2021 As heat rises, so does staff shortages. Now there has been a couple days that we missed rec and shower. While I had hope some emotional/mental relief would be on the way by normal visit schedule. The TDCj never fails […]

Loud & Clear: No rec. forever

Clinton Lee Young Loud & Clear Topic: No rec. forever Date: May 31st 2021 There has seemingly been one thing after another lately since January 1 I have been locked in the cell over 122 days. Of the available rec days which is five a week I have missed 82 due to lockdowns in short […]

Loud & Clear: Fixes and Lies

Clinton Lee Young Loud & Clear Topic: Fixes and Lies Date: May 3, 2021 Yesterday sent a blog to be posted about shitty situations and etc. That was written on the 2nd and sent out on 3rd . This is written on the 3rd and sent out on the 4th. This morning they came to […]

Loud & Clear: Lock down and shitty situations

Clinton Lee Young Loud & Clear Topic: Lock down & shitty situations Date: May 2, 2021 It seems will be on lock down for two more week. We already had to endure COVID lock downs and then staff shortages so the past two months only been able to get rec a few times. So tired […]

Loud and Clear Jan. 26th. 2014 Code Red: Death Penalty film

Loud and Clear Jan. 26th. 2014 Code Red: Death Penalty film When Jessica Villerius showed up to interview me it started out as a bunch of unexpected.  I did not expect it to be an on camera interview. She did not expect it to be as openly received without controversy. No one expected it to […]

Vaughn Ross – Loud & Clear 20 juli. 2013

Loud & Clear 20 July. 2013 Vaughn Ross On the 18th of July, Vaughn Ross was executed. Through this strange journey that is life. His & my life intertwined beyond our both residing on death row.  Before that entanglement is revealed, allow me to discuss my experiences with Vaughn. People here called him Ross.  Which […]

Loud & Clear Nov. 7 2010

Loud & Clear    Nov. 7 2010 The death penalty has been heavy in the news due to Anthony Graves’ release. I know Anthony but not too great. He was always quiet & he stayed to himself, mostly. The media hasn’t reported how others on death row have gotten out. In the last year and few […]

Loud & Clear, Oct 18th 2010

Loud & Clear, Oct 18th 2010   I’ve been meaning to sit down and write a blog for over a week now. Been too stressed out & focused on my appeal. I didn’t even write letters all weekend. I have to deal with some frustrations in my personal life, though mainly this case has had […]

Loud & Clear, October 19 2006

  Loud & Clear, October 19 2006 Greetings to all! I just wanted to republish an old article I wrote in February of 2005. I will do this with a few that had errors in them and where certain parts were missing. No need to get into Why? But I figured my old articles can […]

Uncensored, August 02, 2005

Uncensored, August 02, 2005 Justice   Greetings to all! Another episode of Clinton Young Uncensored. I am going to step back into the realm of politics for a few moments. I have touched on the fact that Texas does not have the best mental health service. Well I would like to get into that topic […]