Loud & Clear: Court hearings and next step

Clinton Lee Young – Loud & ClearTopic: Court hearings and next stepDate: Feb. 8th, 2021 I had previously written a message for the Clinton Young Foundation social media platforms. My hint was that I was moving back some. As when I heard that was only around 1.200 people that watched the live stream of the […]

Loud & Clear: Recent hearing and people

Clinton Lee Young – Loud and Clear Topic: Recent hearing and people Date: Jan. 27th 2021 I am getting back into writing. I could barely sit still for a while.I was spending hours pacing the cell floor thinking about the case and all that needs to be done. One starts to worry about everything.Being stuck […]

Loud & Clear, January 26 2009

Loud & Clear, January 26 2009 Greetings to all. I know there’s been a delay in the planting of my words. I just have had a lot going in my personal life. As well as the stress caused from my forced living arrangements. I have had a lot on my mind none the less. On […]