Team Group: Team S.A.I.L.

Clinton Young

My name is Clinton Lee Young. I was born July 19th, 1983 in Mount Pleasant, Texas. My life exposed me to many different elements that have shaped me into the man I am today. The adversity has made me stronger. Though having been locked up at such a young age. I have been on death […]

Meike de Groot

Meike de Groot. The Netherlands. Meike is writing with Clinton since January 2014 and has visited him three times now. She has a bachelor’s degree in leisure management focused on leisure- and business events and City Marketing. Meike will be updating Clinton’s book- and music reviews, and coordinating events. 

Linda Broeksmit

Working for a health insurance company. After seeing the first documentary in January 2014 Linda is committed to Clinton and his case. She is the contactperson for shipment of the donation gifts. Feel free to contact her for info or questions at any time.

Rafael Tamayo

Ralf was born and raised in Dallas, Tx. His background is Theatre Arts, Music, and Community-based Cultural Enrichment. He is an avid proponent of Social Justice and contributes to a variety of causes that include abolition of the death penalty and human rights, among others. His high level of commitment to Clinton Young’s case includes […]

Camille Saint-Martin

Camille is French and has a Bachelors Degree in US & British civilization and literature. She’s now an elementary school teacher. She’s known Clinton for approximately 5 years now, and became more active in his campaign in January 2014. She’s in charge of the French Facebook as well of the French foundation. Besides corresponding with […]

Amy Tamayo

Amy is located in San Antonio, Tx (USA). She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. Amy is active in a variety of causes that include abolition of the death penalty and human rights, among others. Her commitment to Clinton’s case includes frequent visits, administering English Facebook page, along with any needed assistance in the U.S.

Alex Buitenwerf

Alex Buitenwerf, The Netherlands. Alex is writing with Clinton since January 2014. He has a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. Alex is responsible for the website and other online activities and is also the initiator of the music project The Clinton Project.

Jorunn Tangen

Jorunn Tangen (Norway) – located in the city of the Northern Lights, Alta. She has studies in business admin. & management, and runs her own clothing store. She has always had a great interest in Human Rights, also becoming active in the work to abolish DP and is a member of NCADP. Commited to Clinton’s […]