Clinton Young

Loud and Clear: Problem? Solution!

Clinton Lee Young – Loud and Clear Topic: Problem? Solution! Date: March 16, 2020 When a problem develops, it is only natural for me to seek a solution. The problem is that currently plaguing the TDCJ is staff shortages. While I would love to solve all that, my main focus is Texas Death Row.  The […]

Loud and Clear: Back in the Twilight Zone

Clinton Lee Young – Loud & Clear Topic: Back in the Twilight Zone Date: Feb. 2, 2020 A quick turn-around trip to Midland did not produce much results. Though I did find out the DA knew absolutely nothing about the case.  Keep in mind this is new DA’s that got on the case in August. […]

Loud and Clear: Life on death row

Clinton Lee Young – Loud & Clear Topic: Life on death row Date: Dec.30th 2019 This year is finally winding down. Glad for it to come to an end! I wrote a couple blogs but had expressed for them to not be posted, as couple issues I was ranting about was resolved. Though in some ways only. In the […]

Loud and Clear: Death Row Holidays

Clinton Lee Young – Loud and Clear Topic: Death Row Holidays Date: December 1, 2019 This time of year is naturally not the best. It is holidays and when the case happened. So not the best for several families. In here it becomes just another day. A day with no mail. Though they do feed […]

Loud and Clear: Appeal denied, gloves, & etc.

Clinton Young – Loud and Clear Topic: Appeal denied, gloves, & etc. Date: Aug. 2 2015 This place is truly an emotional roller coaster. Last week I found out the gloves showed even more favorable for me. Then this past week, on Monday I got a copy of the report. After reading over it for […]

Loud and Clear: Part two of “The gloves be tested”

Clinton Lee Young Loud and Clear Date: June 9th 2015 Topic: Part two of last blog “Gloves” I wanted to add some to my last blog. Helps people get a better idea of everything. Now I was a bit shocked about the current District Attorney of Midland agreeing to me testing the gloves. Not because […]

Loud and Clear: The gloves be tested

Clinton Young (Loud and Clear) Date: June-7th 2015 Topic: The gloves be tested I felt a need to properly explain the situation with these gloves. As people keep writing about DNA. Some have even reached out to forensic institutes and again with the theme of DNA. So let it be very clear. I DO NOT […]

Loud and Clear: General Update, life on deathrow

Loud and Clear: General Update, life on deathrow Date: April 24th 2015 Clinton Lee Young Weeks gone by, no answer. Though when I last spoke with my lawyers. They indicated that the local prosecutors in Midland, would not agree to allow me to do the testing of the gloves. Which means we have to fight […]