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Loud and Clear: A bit of this & that

Loud and Clear Topic: A bit of this & that. Date: May 22nd 2017 There are people that express ideas’ pertaining to petitions.’ Here is the deal. Overall petitions do not work. The 100K signatures was an Obama thing. Some have read about it, for the whitehouse. The President of the US can not tell […]

Loud and Clear: Death Warrant

Clinton Young Loud and Clear Topic: Death Warrant Date: May 16,2017   PLEASE SHARE THIS BLOG Now, I want to make clear something. At times people have an emotional reaction to something & they lash out & make comments that can be deemed as negative. Do not do such. Use the emotion towards a positive, […]

Loud and Clear: Blogs, case, help

Clinton Young Loud & Clear Topic: Blogs, case, help Date: May,18th 2017 First to those I have recently written to. I know in The Netherlands Greetings is used last in a letter. I start letter with it as such is common in the US Now to business. My past blogs & legal papers are momentarily […]

Loud and Clear: Ways to help   Recently updated !

Loud & clear Topic: Ways to help Date: May 4th 2017   Hope that this finds all is good for all. With myself, just waiting to see what is up. Here is the deal. As I wrote in the last blog, they filed for a death warrant. Which is where the prosecutor files to a […]

Loud and Clear: Thank you.

Clinton Young Loud & Clear Topic: Thank you. Date : May 1st 2017   It seems the film was properly received. Glad to know. There is still so much to be detailed. Plus there is currently some activity in my case. Lawyers do not want me detailing it all yet. This blog will be short. […]

Loud and Clear: Death penalty, death row, & those that fight for justice.

Loud & Clear by Clinton Young Topic: Death penalty, death row, & those that fight for justice. Date: Apri1:2Oth, 2017 (To make a correction/stash addition I forgot to do before mailing my last blog. I wrote about republicans being able to change constitution. I mean if they win more seats in this up coming elections […]

Loud and Clear: Death Penalty, death row   Recently updated !

Clinton Young Loud & Clear Topic: Death Penalty, death row Date:March 23rd, 2017   People are acting like the new appointee to the US Supreme court is some horrible thing. The reality is he is as close to the exact way a Supreme Court Justice should be, by way of the intent of the court. […]

Loud and Clear: A Little Bit of Everything   Recently updated !

LOUD AND CLEAR Date: March 1st, 2017 Topic: A Little Bit of Everything Last year about this time of the calendar I was thinking I could face an execution date 90 days later. When one has battled a system for so long and so hard, it is hard to have faith in doing something other […]

Loud and Clear: Litte of this & littel of that   Recently updated !

Clinton Young Loud & Clear. Topic: Litte of this & littel of that Date: Sept .25 th 2016 Prison Life Penatentiary – A petty paradise, no wise served twice. Life lost for losing lives. Given freely. What cost? Dreams. Schemes all jumbled. Rumble tumble in this fuckin jungle. Sum total of the end result. Aint […]

Lound and Clear: Quick chat   Recently updated !

Clinton L. Young Loud & clear Topic: Quick chat Date: Aug. 23rd, 2016 Hopes alls good out there. Just a quick run down. No real news yet. Filings will be maybe next month or October, due to developements. Though expect no court action, due to docket length & holidays coming up, untill after the New Year. Nov./Dec. both […]