Loud and Clear: Loved, Free & Safe

Clinton Young – Loud & Clear Topic: Loved, Free & Safe Date: March 4th, 2018   I was writing with someone about a matter of focus for them. In responding, I made mention of how they are loved, free & safe. To feel blessed at only having to worry about emotional topics or feelings. That […]

Loud and Clear: Update & Explain – Notice

Clinton Young – Loud & Clear Topic: Update & Explain – Notice Date: March 2018   *Note* At times I will rush a blog &/or not express some things. Also, I do not rough draft my blogs. I sit down & go! I feel it is better so I can go with the emotions & […]

Loud and Clear: Jpays/Complaint

Clinton Young Loud & Clear Topic: Jpays/Complaint Date: February 23, 2018   Alrighty then, I have several issues to get to, though this one will be about Jpays & the way to complain. These are the ONLY Jpays I have gotten. If your initials are not listed with a date then I did not get […]

Loud and Clear: Case, Clarity, & etc.

Clinton Lee Young Loud & Clear Topic: Case, Clarity, & etc. Date: February 10, 2018   I was feeling all bad & trying to be understanding, which is why my last blogs were written as they were. I thought that Janet & Carlos were still married & because a bullet hit his testicle that maybe […]

Loud and Clear: Addition

Clinton Young – Loud and Clear Topic: Addition Date: February 4, 2018   I sent the previous blog before receiving the copy of my lawyer’s response the next day. My lawyers sent me the prosecutors filing, minus the various exhibits. As a result, I did not know the prosecutor did obtain an expert, if you […]

Loud and Clear: A New Year w/ New Lies

Clinton Young – Loud & Clear Date: February 1, 2018 Topic: A New Year w/ New Lies   I have been silent thus far for 2018 as I was waiting….Waiting on the State to respond; and they did Jhahaha. Lord have mercy. Here is the deal: While I had an execution date, they met with […]

Loud and Clear: Wrapping up a year

Clinton Young – Loud and Clear Date: December 2017 Topic: Wrapping up a year   It has been a roller coaster of a year. As I write this there is still a few days left in 2017. It has gotten to where so much takes place in a year that it is hard to believe […]

Loud and Clear: Corrections and Updates

Clinton Young – Loud and Clear Date: November 28, 2017 Topic: Corrections and Updates   This will be short and to the point. Another blog will be following in a few days.   I mistakenly thought the U.S Supreme Court had accepted a case out of Arizona to hear about the death penalty. I misunderstood […]

Loud and Clear: Bad Anniversary

Clinton Young – Loud and Clear Topic: Bad Anniversary Date: November 19, 2017   A few days from writing this will mark the 16th year into this tragedy. The 23rd is Thanksgiving. (A major U.S Holiday) Being that the events of this case took place around the holidays, it does cast a shadow over the […]

Loud and Clear: This & That

Clinton Young Loud and Clear Topic: This & That Date: November 12, 2017   The days tick by, the fight goes on. Thanks for all that continue to spread the word about me and to help. Just because I got a stay does not mean I am safe. Keep in mind, Robert had 6 different […]