Loud and Clear: Humanity & etc

Clinton Young Loud & Clear Topic: Humanity & etc Date: Sept.14.2017 NOTICE: I have gotten back into groove of writing more. I ask people to please bare with me. Thank you. Greetings to all! Many times people write to me about losing faith in humanity. It is easy to water that though then viewing the […]

Loud and Clear: Days of life

Clinton Young Loud & Clear Topic: Days of life Date: Aug, 15,2017 Greetings! As the days tick on, I have been meeting a great deal with my therapist. He are working on my anger issues & obsession with Priyanka Chopra! Alright, alright! I am joking, everyone CALM down. I do not have a therapist! 🙂 […]

Loud and Clear: Love

Clinton Young Loud & Clear Topic:Love Date: Aug .20th 2017   The world needs more Love! It seems like today civility has gone to the garbage heap. Everyone is so mad about everything. Half the time they do not even really know why the hell they are mad. They are just mad! People protesting this […]

Loud and Clear: Red October

Loud & Clear Title:Red October Date: July 15th 2017   It seems that they are determined to take out a white guy in October! I was telling people how I did not really have anyone to truly associate with on death watch. Then they moved a friend of mine/Robert Pruett over here. The ironic thing […]

Loud and Clear: Life & death watch

1Clinton Young Loud & Clear Topic: Life & death watch Date: June-17-17   People often ask me what I would do if able to get out of here. I normally cite the little things I would do. Though to top of the major events. It would surely be to go to The Netherlands. I would […]

Loud and Clear: A bit of this & that

Loud and Clear Topic: A bit of this & that. Date: May 22nd 2017 There are people that express ideas’ pertaining to petitions.’ Here is the deal. Overall petitions do not work. The 100K signatures was an Obama thing. Some have read about it, for the whitehouse. The President of the US can not tell […]

Loud and Clear: Death Warrant

Clinton Young Loud and Clear Topic: Death Warrant Date: May 16,2017   PLEASE SHARE THIS BLOG Now, I want to make clear something. At times people have an emotional reaction to something & they lash out & make comments that can be deemed as negative. Do not do such. Use the emotion towards a positive, […]

Loud and Clear: Blogs, case, help

Clinton Young Loud & Clear Topic: Blogs, case, help Date: May,18th 2017 First to those I have recently written to. I know in The Netherlands Greetings is used last in a letter. I start letter with it as such is common in the US Now to business. My past blogs & legal papers are momentarily […]

Loud and Clear: Ways to help

Loud & clear Topic: Ways to help Date: May 4th 2017 Hope that this finds all is good for all. With myself, just waiting to see what is up. Here is the deal. As I wrote in the last blog, they filed for a death warrant. Which is where the prosecutor files to a judge […]

Loud and Clear: My pending execution

Loud & Clear Topic: My pending execution Date: May.2nd 2017 Well shit just got serious. Spoke to my lawyers today. The prosecutors filed for an execution date. This has been known that they would for over 2 weeks, was hopeful to avoid it. They tried with talking. The real catch is the head prosecutor only […]