Texas Death Row

Loud and Clear Jan. 26th. 2014 Code Red: Death Penalty film

Loud and Clear Jan. 26th. 2014 Code Red: Death Penalty film When Jessica Villerius showed up to interview me it started out as a bunch of unexpected.  I did not expect it to be an on camera interview. She did not expect it to be as openly received without controversy. No one expected it to […]

Vaughn Ross – Loud & Clear 20 juli. 2013

Loud & Clear 20 July. 2013 Vaughn Ross On the 18th of July, Vaughn Ross was executed. Through this strange journey that is life. His & my life intertwined beyond our both residing on death row.  Before that entanglement is revealed, allow me to discuss my experiences with Vaughn. People here called him Ross.  Which […]

Loud & Clear Nov. 7 2010

Loud & Clear    Nov. 7 2010 The death penalty has been heavy in the news due to Anthony Graves’ release. I know Anthony but not too great. He was always quiet & he stayed to himself, mostly. The media hasn’t reported how others on death row have gotten out. In the last year and few […]

Loud & Clear, Oct 18th 2010

Loud & Clear, Oct 18th 2010   I’ve been meaning to sit down and write a blog for over a week now. Been too stressed out & focused on my appeal. I didn’t even write letters all weekend. I have to deal with some frustrations in my personal life, though mainly this case has had […]

Loud & Clear, October 19 2006

  Loud & Clear, October 19 2006 Greetings to all! I just wanted to republish an old article I wrote in February of 2005. I will do this with a few that had errors in them and where certain parts were missing. No need to get into Why? But I figured my old articles can […]

Uncensored, August 02, 2005

Uncensored, August 02, 2005 Justice   Greetings to all! Another episode of Clinton Young Uncensored. I am going to step back into the realm of politics for a few moments. I have touched on the fact that Texas does not have the best mental health service. Well I would like to get into that topic […]