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Clinton Lee Young – Loud & Clear
Topic: Next step
Date: March 7th, 2021

It seems that visitation will open soon in a limited form. I heard they have some quick test machines to do Covid tests on visitors. Huh. That is really neat. I wonder who was pushing for that before and having all kinds of people email the Governor, Executive Director of TDCj, and even the company that makes the machines.
I wonder who that was..
My dear ole pal Rabbi Randy here told me that TDCj would not get these here machines for visitors. Huh. I surely do thank TDCj for taking step to open visit. Sadly Covid cases are spiking on the unit again. Until they get the vaccines in here it will keep on. This is why prisons are supposed to be at the front of the line, it is a public safety thing.

The next step in the appeal should be soon. There will be a filing about the elements of the current claim. This is about the various fact points and the law that applies. The Judge can sign off on it, add to it, or just write his own. Though there is also a closing argument hearing that will take place soon. Bottom line is that everything on the local level will soon be wrapped up. Then it will go to the CCA. They are supposed to decide death penalty cases quickly per 11.071 sec.11. Though they tend to rush us, and then take their sweet time. Though because the DA asked to speed things up, I think they will move faster than normal. I am getting the lawyers sorted that I will want for a new trial. On that topic. I thank everyone that has donated the last couple of months. I fully understand how difficult these times are. Thankfully the vaccine numbers are going up and states are being opened up fully in the US and other countries will be soon to follow. The foundation will be expanding soon. More people are coming on board. When it comes to donating. It seems the ideal way would be for people to set it up to donate something each month. A sustainer or whatever it is called. Right now we are trying to get as much of a lump sum as can. This way can get the fund raiser tools, promotional items and to get the sites developed as needed properly serve the goals of the foundation.
Plus be in a position to get the legal team I need signed up.

So right now just trying to get all that can. Beginning in May. The idea will be to get as many people to commit to donating each month with automatic deposits and such. Say a person is willing to donate, for example $100 every three months. It would be better, starting in May, to get it set up where there is an automatic donation to the foundation each month for $30. Yes, the 100 every 3 months would be more in total. Though it would not be seen as consistent. Stability is the key for encouraging people to invest greater in the future. Plus by May/ June can have more to show for what has been done thus far. I have been blessed in the people I have available to me to work for free right now. Though to keep on that way is not feasible. The foundation will be unique and unlike any other.. Unique in a better way. By September the goal is to have paid the staff. I thank everyone for the help. Please keep encouraging others to follow the foundations social media pages. Hopefully can double the number of followers for each format by September also. Right now I am still the main focus.
It is fully understood why everyone that follows the foundation right now, does so. No one is losing sight of that. Just want to be strong enough to do more. Now, I rarely ask people to step up and help out. I do not want people to get exhausted by being asked to do something over & over all the time. Now I need people. I need people to donate and get others to follow the foundations social media pages. In a few days I will outline some of the future plans on the social media pages. Hopefully there are people that can help specifically in the different fields of interest that I will outline.

To other topics.
I am glad it is warming up. More so after this crazy ass winter. While the water going out was a discomfort.
We still had heat here. Many didn’t around the state and some other units didn’t have water or heat. Prisons puts people in a child like state of dependence. That’s never been more evident than when the unit is shut down due to bad weather. We have to depend on guards for everything. Then when someone complains they get called a cry baby. I have heard officers before make comments when someone complains about something. I am a man. I expect what I am supposed to have. I believe people are supposed to speak up for what they are due by right, policy or need.
Now sure, some people in prison will just complain about anything. There is always that one!
I personally try to put things in perspective, plus try to need as little from others as possible. Like with the water. I had water bottles saved up and juice. I was good and was able to give someone a bottle of water. Though I know there was many locked in cells. More so in Ad-seg, that have nothing. Say a mentally ill older person with no support.. Not having access to water, beyond a cup, for 24 hours is a bad go. Someone free could always go out and do something.
In prison, more so in lock up, one is at the mercy of the staff. No one in Texas is really expected a winter storm like that.
Hopefully being that there is hurricanes and freak winter storms. That TDCj can stock a region warehouse and on unit, cases of water and such. Be ready for these kind of situations. I will not blame TDCj for a freak winter storm. Though they can be blamed if next time they are not better prepared. Hurricane season is coming up. I am sure TDCj could start building up an reserve of MRE’s and cases of water from FEMA and such.
(MRE is Meal Ready to Eat. It is what the military eats.)
Being that people in prison are getting these stimulus checks from the federal government. Hopefully they take the responsible steps to stock up on water and et etcetera. TDCj has property restrictions. Though I am sure being that summer is coming up and we have these freak storms and such. That going forward, TDCj will allow a property exception for 24 bottles of water, 30 electrolytes and a square foot of food items. The property limit is 2 square feet. The idea is about flammable material. Okay, water by its nature, yeah no need to explain that one. Though TDCj saying that we can have this as not counting against out property. It would encourage people to keep water bottles for emergency times. Most dudes if it came between keeping commissary food and legal papers. they would throw out the legal! It is really just disgusting at times how dudes act towards commissary. People have shown that they will not make the best choices. The very fact they are in prison makes that clear. I feel that TDCj easing property limitations like this. More will set aside a case of water and such.
Get more water to the units and encourage the purchase of some to have set aside. Believe me, I am sure even if TDCj done that, some would still not do it and blame others when stuck out. Then when the shit hits the fan, they will complain they are stuck out. Some will say it is not their responsibility.
Well, we all have personal responsibility towards taking care of our own needs first, before depending on another.
The first step towards freedom is independence. We often say we dislike the system. We say the system hates us.
Okay, then why would one accept being so dependent on the people that dislike you?!
If you have someone in prison that complains about these things. Gently encourage them to be more responsible and make sure they have what they need for times of need. From the perspective of death row. Most of the complaints this unit gets is about Jpays. It is crazy. 90% of the complaints is about that single issue. I get pissed and go on & on about it because people pay for a service they expect to be rendered. TDCj makes money from this service. TDCj is a government agency. Their obligation is purely to the people confined and connected to such persons. The core principle of government is to insure the people have what they are supposed to have. Period! Sell us Tablets and we wouldn’t need staff for Jpay printouts.

Alrighty then. Gonna wrap this one.
Take care, smile & strive for all that you desire.
Veni Vidi Vici
In solidarity I remain,
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