Loud & Clear: Lock down and shitty situations

Clinton Lee Young Loud & Clear

Topic: Lock down & shitty situations

Date: May 2, 2021

It seems will be on lock down for two more week. We already had to endure COVID lock downs and then staff shortages so the past two months only been able to get rec a few times. So tired of being stuck in this damn cell. 

The staff shortages cost us about two weeks worth of recs. 

These people refuse to adapt and change with the times. They just torture us with being stuck in cell. Plus this pod AGAIN got lockdown right before commissary. It is not enough we can not see family like should be or make calls and such. They do not want us to have writing materials either. 

They could make a change such as single man escort to visit for death row level ones, with no designators. That alone would make a world of difference in staff problems. They do it for closed custody which is the worst group of population. 

It just amazes me at how every damn time we got locked down. It happened between 3-1 days before we was due to get commissary on “this” pod. 

Now because of how short of staff they are. It will drag on. Nevermind peoples mental health and such from being locks in a cell so much. 

Plus they will not allow death row to have Saturday visits, as we are supposed to. Yet people not on death row can. (I mentioned this in a social media msg.)

Ya know so I guess our people don’t have to work on week days or such. I guess only people who are not on death row, their people are only ones that have weekend off. We are only class of prisoner by law allowed visit. As I said before – code of criminal procedure 43.17. if we got our Saturday visit slots like supposed to. Then they could make visits 2 hours. Everyones tested that comes in and has to test negative for COVID. So why they have to sit so far apart makes no sense when rest of Texas is opened up. If they would go to 3 feet space here, could have enough room for everyone to have two hour visits and since people coming would travel together. It should be that we can see two people. After all, they did drive in the car together. It should not be one hour one person and one hour the next person. Makes no sense. They will have driven to the unit in the same damn car! Both would have tested negative to get in here! Damn it just amazes me at how little these people give a fuck about how things effect people. Dudes can’t even see their children under 13. The shit they do here does not match the science! Just oppress to oppress. Now to expand on mental health. 

There is a guy in the section next to me. His name is Rockwell, he is crazy! One of those people that this place made crazier to the point he cannot be executed. Well he will not flush his toilet. Dude lets feces backup for days and days! I have asked officers, who ALL complain about horrible smell. To make him come out cell & flush the toilet. Last time it built up for 10 days!

Lower ranks walk day every day and do NOTHING!

There was only one officer who forced him to come out and had the service inmates go in and clean his cell. They had to dig out the feces, it had stacked up so high in his toilet. They could not flush it without it flooding. 

Food and trash is also all over the cell with piss. Again, no one does anything. 

Officers told me they wrote him a disciplinary. Uh, DUH you dumbasses he is crazy. What the fuck does writing him up a case going to do?! Think a mofo that shits in the same toilet for 10 days gives a damn about a write up?!

The very sad thing is Raymond Riles, an old man that has been on death row for 40+ years and is in bad health. He is in the cell right next to Rockwell, so he has to smell this all day every day. 

I am way over here at the end of another section, so it doesn’t effect me/ us same. Though I like Raymond and known him since I got here. He is also VERY mentally ill. Recently he was thankfully able to get a new punishment phase which he will get life sentence and be able to get parole soon like Bobby Moore did. 

He should have never come to death row! 30 years ago on Ellis Unit when death row was over there. He built a big fire and sat in it to be cleansed by the flames. He did not scream one time! Yeah he should not have been here. Anyways, now he is forced to have to suffer breathing feces particles evey day because no one will do their job. Mental health never does anything about it. Medical does nothing about it. The only person I seen do anything about it was last time when the Captain for 12 building walked through and made them clean it up. Then another officer 10 days later did. 

All they have to do it make him exit the cell & get support service inmates to clean it up. Yet they do nothing. Not a fucking thing!

These fuckin people. I tell you what. 

I got a chance to beat this case and get out of here. These fuckin people have tortured me for 18 years now, as of last month. 

Once a year they lie to us about group rec coming and such. Always getting locked down. Now my baby sister comes to see me. She passes a covid test, is behind glass, no one is near her and yet she has to wear a mask and can only visit for 1 hour. After a 3.5 hour drive down here. Again passes test, behind glass! And I cant even see my sister’s face. Then got this old, sick, mentally ill man having to live next to this dude and breath in his feces all day every day. We can’t get rec or writing supplies. You fuckin worthless piece of shit fuckin snakes. 

The latest new is will not allow death row to get video visits.

Its okay for yall to torture people in these cages. Jump through hoops to kill people. Yet cant even see our family? Long sigh. 

I am going to write out some course of action for people to follow up on. We got to stick together and do something. Take care.

Veni, Vidi, Vici

In solidarity,

I remain,

Clinton Lee YOUNG #999447
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