Loud & Clear: Fixes and Lies

Clinton Lee Young Loud & Clear

Topic: Fixes and Lies

Date: May 3, 2021

Yesterday sent a blog to be posted about shitty situations and etc. That was written on the 2nd and sent out on 3rd . This is written on the 3rd and sent out on the 4th. This morning they came to get Rockwell to I assume address the cell or move him. He displayed some behavior that resulted in chemical agents (pepper spray) being used on him. Hate to see such take place. The silver lining is that the cell will be cleaned and Mr. Riles will not have to breathe in feces all day. Then this evening the commissary staff came on the pod announcing we would get to buy hygiene, writing material, and such. Not food and etc as we are on lockdown. Hopefully after lockdown, this pod will be first in line to go for a regular spend. As a rule I do not complain about the food items/ snack sold on commissary. As that is their control tool and sadly many dudes here care more about commissary than they do their case and etc.

I personally am glad to get stamps.

Next up. There has been an issue with jpays and MSCP. The MSCP oversees the mailrooms for the TDCj. Before if jpays came up missing, we could write the mailroom for print out of all jpays received to identify ones missing. That or ask for reprint of a specific one. Some dudes would ask for whole months and all this crap and that is a waste of time and bad go for doing a reprint. But most of us did not do that. Okay, MSCP came over here and told two wardens, a major, and the mailroom staff that the mailroom is not to reprint jpays or summaries. Mailroom told us we have to write the MSCP about missing jpays. Okay MSCP started to get so many calls and such they changed their tone. At first they lied and told Merel and Emily that they would tell the mailroom to reprint specific days for me. As I could show that I did not receive them due to us having to sign for jpays. I could show I was legit in my complaint.

Okay I write mailroom on the days the missing mailroom writes back and says MSCP says no reprints. So I ask two different supervisors about it. Both say no one from MSCP called or emailed them anything about reprints. So more calls was made. Then MSCP changed their tune and said “well actually we do not have any control over that. It is up to the unit mailroom.” So the people OVER the mailroom orders the mailroom to not do an act. Then turn around and say they have no say over the very act needed to be done by the mailroom that the MSCP is over! These fuckin people! So

Here is the plan. If you write to someone and jpays come up missing. Spend the next 60 days keeping track of them. If you write often, number your jpays so a person will know if he is missing one. For example if he get #5 and #7, he will know he is missing #6. Keep track of them. And have him write a complaint to the unit mailroom is any are missing. You email ombudsman and write and mail a letter to the MSCP and TDCj director. The name and address for these can be found on the tdcj.gov website. Make sure it is the TDCj-ID director. That specific title. Send letter to both MSCP and TDCj director. Indicate missing jpays and request refund as the contract indicates that the service will be provided in a specific time period. after 3-4 months from now, which provides time for response from the 60 day period of missing jpays. If the problem does not remedy itself, then we need to work together on a class action law suit in Austin by people in the free world. It can be filed in state court by you all. Also complain to jpay about undelivered jpays. Keep a record of everything. The prison system makes money from jpay. They use that money to oppress us. There has been no benefits for death row or the rest of the prison population. Video visits have nothing to do with jpay. Aren’t they going to charge for those also? The only way you can make changes is by uniting and addressing the problem. Texas charges more than any other state for each jpay. They exploit you and us when they do not guarantee the service is provided. It doesn’t matter if it is a CO or mailroom. They all work for TDCj. I am already due to have some discussion with a group of lawyers that focuses on government over reach and abuses. 

It damn sure should not be that the MSCP is playing this game, putting it off on the mailroom. The mailroom has no choice but to follow the MSCP. That is their boss. Multiple people called the MSCP, so they can not backtrack. They can fix the problem. If the TDCj would get with the modern times like other prisons. Would not have these problems. Though again, they want to operate a prison system like it’s 1970, with 2021 minded officers. It aint gonna work. What they are doing is not working. They need to adapt and make changes. I do not want to fight with the TDCj. I want what I am supposed to have and for the TDCj to do better and make changes that help people in prison with emotional and mental health. As well as improve social skills and make it easier for people to be productive citizens when released. Also, so that people locked in these cages for 10-15-20 years do not end up spun off the edge like Rockwell.

Damn hold up, I think I forgot to flush the toilet!

Take care, smile, and strive for all that you desire.

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