Loud & Clear: Court hearings and next step

Clinton Lee Young – Loud & Clear
Topic: Court hearings and next step
Date: Feb. 8th, 2021

I had previously written a message for the Clinton Young Foundation social media platforms.
My hint was that I was moving back some. As when I heard that was only around 1.200 people that watched the live stream of the hearing. To be honest: that really depressed me. There is over 5.000 people on the Facebook page alone.
My thinking was that if I can not do better than that, I need to just hang it up and give up on all that. I was also missing many Jpays. Which will get to that later. I did not get a Jpay really outlining everything until Feb. 4th. It was sent to me on the 25th of Jan. I had sent a message for the hearing to be made available for everyone to see.
Though it appears my message was lost in transition. As instead of reaching out to law professors at universities all over the US, UK, Netherlands so that law students all over could watch this once in a life chance of being able to see an adversarial proceedings during a death penalty case. I thought that various media outlets, bloggers, key groups and figures in the anti- death penalty movement would have been informed. This way they could help spread the word.
So I was expecting a minimum of say 50.000 people watching from all over the world. Which in doing so,
they would have posted about it and tweeted about it as it happened. Thus drawing more attention.
It would have kept the conversation going until the USA Today article came out. So as the conversation kept going, more would have checked out the films and foundation. That would have expanded into the area of 100-200.000 people made aware. More so with some of the law related blogs and people that have posted before about my case. This would have been the bare minimum of people learning about the hearing/ case. In the week up to the USA Today article coming out, everything could have been circulating. Then the article and it would have been a mega boost into the millions. As a result, the foundation could have grew by leaps and bounds. Though because my message was lost in transition, this once in a life time chance was instead limited to the 1.200+ people, already on my social media platforms.

I am grateful that you, all you watched it, did so. I have another proceeding this month or so. It will be the closing arguments for the hearing. Will not be very long. Just wraps everything up. I am sure that many more people will be watching it. This time though, if the judge doesn’t shut off the comment section. Would people please refrain from posting comments for me. As it is not my Youtube channel and I cannot even see all that as it happens.
Yes that ‘please refrain’ also extends to not posting little hearts and or act as if you are a scholar of Texas law. 😉

I finally received the print out of screen shot of comments.
The guy posting about law of parties. Look, first this is not a me and you issue. Please do not feel as if I am attacking you. I don’t know you. I am frustrated. Not at you, but at the way myths perminate society. This results in a confusion of the law. Which can then be harmful to a person who encounters a dishonest cop. When it comes to the law. There is different degrees of responsibility.
Follow with me here. My goal is to educate. The law prescribes Culpability.
You can look up Texas Penal Code Chapter 6. It covers these degrees. Texas penal code article 6.02 and 6.03 are key for determining the criminal response of an individual. 6.04 is the part of law that is where, say you take a hostage and during the stand off the police move in. A cop then accidently kills a hostage while trying to get you.
You are guilty of that death. The cop has the legal author to use force. You have no legal authority to take hostage and then escape. Had you obeyed the command to release the hostage, the cop would not have had to move in with force.
Now if people partake in a crime. Under 7.02 a person can be responsible for another’s actions. But this is not a blanket all encompassing trap of law.

There is what’s known as Mens rea that still applies. Also each element of the offense.
Here is an example. Say you are in college and y’all have a party bus. Everyone is out of beer. Someone gets the bright idea to do a beer run on a store. To grab some beer and run out with it.
All are in agreement that you will just grab a couple cases of beer and run for it. When everything begins to unfold, One guy pulls out a weapon and decided to rob the place, then shoot the store clerk.
You all are not responsible for his actions. You can refuse to speak to the police and remain silent. The burden is on the state to prove the case. Just because you all was there means nothing. More so if the guy told everyone he was specifically not going to do anything crazy. Then you are not responsible. More so, if you did not encourage anything. Say some girl named Rachel was sitting at the back of the bus. She did not even comment on the grab and dash of the beer. She was just riding along. She is not guilty of anything related to the shooting. Even if she drank some of the beer that night and refused to tell on anyone. Now they could get her with possessing stolen property as she drank the beer. If she threw away the beer cans in a way making them hard to locate, they could get her with tampering with evidence. As technically the beer can would be evidence of the offense. An unethical cop is going to tell her:
“You can face the death penalty”. An honest cop would tell her: “You are facing a few months in jail and maybe some probation.”

Texas does not have ‘accessory after the fact.’ Some states do. Texas, beyond popular belief.
It does not have the harshest laws in the U.S. California has some laws that are just crazy when it comes to this type of stuff. The law is very complex. There is the statutory law as written by the legislature. Then there is the interpretation of the statutes by the judicial branch. That is judgements that become judicial precedent.
Then there comes into play rules of evidence. Not just anything can be used against someone.
The law is not designed to deprive innocent citizens of their liberty or life.
Along the way some bullshit ass politicians have damn sure tried to destroy the constitution and feed the mass incarceration machine. This is how we ended up with Jim Crow laws, war on drugs and et cetera.
The people being uneducated in law and the political process. The was not able to understand what the special interest groups was pushing politicians to do. Hell, most politicians didn’t understand the full effect of their votes.
Just because a politician is in office and has a fancy degree. When he speaks of the death penalty and such. It doesn’t mean he knows what he is talking about. Someone else along the way told him something needs to be done and he done it for the vote and or for financial backing. It is clear there are some politicians in the US that are envious of the Ayatolla of Iran. As they want to turn the US into a theocracy or dictatorship.
They pass draconian laws related to say sexting. These laws then trap teenagers. Say a 15 year old boy and girl are dating and share nudes with each other. No one else sees it. A teacher later hears about it and calls the police.
Now both kids are charged with child porn. Labeled for life. There is just dumb ass shit like that, that happens.
More so when you have prosecutor discretion. Which is often the problem.
As then his own personal bias come into play. This is how people get trapped by the system. While can look back in history and find some fault with the founders of this country. Though when looking at the bill of rights and the intended design of our government. They was both genius and radical. Some of these tough on crime types.
They generally are the ones that, during political times, yell the loudest about the constitution.
Okay, they seem to over look in the bill of rights, the first ten amendments. Four out of ten pertain to protecting people charged with crimes. The last line of the 1st says : to petition the government over reach in criminal prosecutions. The social order can be maintained without legal traps. The people just need to be educated. It really is a travesty of justice though on one thing. In Texas a 14 year old can be certified as an adult and given 99 years in prison.
Yet the government does not mandate schools teach criminal justice classes. The government will deprive you of your liberty, when it will not previously have made effort to educate you on what can cause this deprivation.
Then someone goes to prison and get labeled as a horrible person who is to remain a 2nd class citizen for life.
Sure there are horrible people in prison. Though how did for example Texas prisons go from 40.000 people in prison before 1985 to 120.000 after 1995? Did 80.000 horrible people suddenly get born or move to Texas?
Or did politicians go against the spirit of the constitution and trap more people?

While Texas is not the worst state in the union when it comes to laws on the books, It does have one of the worse courts when it comes to interpreting the laws. The Texas Court of Criminal appeals raises the bar to the highest level possible. They rarely hold prosecutors accountable. Which is what leads to stuff like what has happened in my case.
Prosecutors have forgotten that the sword lady justice holds is double edged. It is meant to cut both ways.

To the Clinton Young foundation matters. There are advancements being made. A great team is being formed. Renate, who helped get it all started, has recently stepped down. Renate helped to encourage Jessica Villerius to take an interest in the death penalty and my case.
The first film was received so positively, that a film just on my case was done. This has helped people to think about the death penalty more. More got involved with helping. Now here we are, on the way to having three chapters of the foundation in three different countries. This growth and various projects has caused a problem. A good one to have.
Though one none the less. Got too much going on. I have a habit of piling things on people, that I believe in. At times i expect too much from people. Thankful I have ready available talent to be the solution.
There will be someone else coming on board, so as to better help navigate everything and make sure that no person gets overwhelmed. As not only is there multiple countries involved. There is also my desire to create a scholarship program. To help young girls in countries where being born a girl is a strike against her. In the west, the focus will be on those with the talent but being held back by poverty.
There is also effort to be made for educating the youth on the law. The main goal is legal team for a new trial.
Yes, I have a chance for a new trial. Though there is also chance of farther litigation. No one can say with certainty as to how the next few months will unfold. It does look good for the home team. However, I try to stay grounded.
I have been on death row for 17 years and seen many times where the courts have defied logic. Watch the films about Todd Willinghams execution. Had it been up to the appeals court of Texas. Anthony Graves would have been executed.
The execution of Robert Pruett. there can be many other examples. We just got to keep fighting forward.
Anne-Sophie has taken a greater role with the foundation. This is, as has been, positive growth.
Farther advancements should be detailed by next month. Oh, many that are part of the foundation. I did not pick them.
i think this is part of the reason why it has been able to grow. Sure I have had input here and there.
one day I got some of the social media messages in the mail. They get printed for me.
I seen this guy smiling and a post about new member. I was thinking: who the hell is this dude?
I had forgot that Merel had told me that they was bringing someone else on board. I was to busy stressing over my case and hearings. Anywho. So good things are happening. I have not yet read the USA Today article, as I do not get any newspapers. Another guy around me does get it. Sadly it takes over a week to get the newspaper, that is meant to be delivered daily. Jpays are supposed to be passed out daily. Since my hearing and the positive developments. All of a sudden mine is taking 5-9 days. I am missing many days worth. Other people here have had another guys Jpays stapled to his 3 days in a row. My neighbor Paul, who still has no treatment for his broke foot!
He just discovered he is missing 2 or 3. The missing Jpays is not unique to me. The 5-9 days time line is.

I just do not understand why they do not sell us the tablets like other states. They could use half the money to fund grants for small police forces to get training in mental health related matters. This way cops can be better trained in MHMR and not kill so many unarmed and or crazy people. As the state would make millions off of the people in prison. So grants to small police forces would be helpful to provide farther training in MHMR tactics.
Could train two officers who worked different shifts for example. The tablets would help increase interaction between people in prison and family and friends. State could raise funds to address a problem needed in criminal justice/police reform. While not having to raise any taxes. A win win for everyone. But hey, what do I know.

Alrighty, will be back soon. Take care, smile & strive for all that you desire.

Veni Vini Vici
In solidarity I remain
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