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Clinton Lee Young – Loud & clear
Topic: USA Today article
Date: Feb. 11th, 2021

The article posted by USA Today newspaper was well written.
I liked how it covered the problems in my case and she tied it into the bigger problem of poor people not getting lawyers. Which is an angle the foundation is growing to help address. More so for those serving heavy time, such as life. This no automatic lawyers really takes a worse turn in the fact that it also applies to juveniles. If a 13 year old kid gets scared into pleading to a crime he didn’t do or wrongly convicted, he is not provided a writ of habeas corpus lawyer.
Okay how the hell is he supposed to pay for one? A 13 year old can not even technically work for a pay check. If he comes from a single home, siblings and a mother on financial assistance. How could he get a lawyer?
The juveniles are often overlooked. Take Robert Pruett, he was given 99 years for a crime his father done when he was 15. His direct appeal was filed and court appointed counsel covered that. Though the direct appeal only deals with the actual trial record. Not any new evidence and such.

To the main subject though. The interesting thing is how people respond to what Petty has done. The Midland DA was ‘furious’ because she didn’t know what was going on. Okay, so she was not furious about peoples constitutional rights being violated? She said she was upset at the hearing, because Midland would have to get off my case. That they had spent so much time and money on the case. Meaning, invested so much in killing me. She was not upset information that would have guaranteed me a stay of execution was withheld?

No she wasn’t. It is amazing at times people clearly tell you who they are. At the hearing she had the nerve to say her office was the most ethical in Texas. Petty in the article said he worked for the state, not the judges.
But then turns around and says the judges insisted on paying him for the work he done for them. He also said they wanted him to respond to the writs because no one else in the office was.

My wonderful readers. Please give me your full attention here.
If someone PAYS you for something.
You done what? For them? They call that work, right?
Also, when a defendant files an appeal, the judge is not supposed to ‘respond’ to the appeal. That is 100% the DA’s job.
Laura Noldolf at the hearing even said:
“Petty was late and missed the deadline to respond to the writ.”
Writ is short for writ of habeas corpus. A type of appeal.
Okay, so it was clearly the PROSECUTORS job to respond.
There is no way there would not be someone in the DA’s office that would not respond to an appeal. If they didn’t then every defend would win their appeals! The judge is supposed to decide which side wins. Not fight for one side over the other. That makes no damn sense what he said. One of the people that testified at my recent hearing. His job is mainly focused on the appeal division. IE: To respond to appeals!
Then all these Midland lawyers say he is so honorable. Okay, question to all you fuckin defense lawyers in Midland. HOW MANY TIMES. I ask again
HOW MANY TIMES did Ralph Petty sign off on an appeal for the judge to where the defendant won? If he is so honorable. So noble. Then why did he provide ex parte filed documents that was filed under seal by defense lawyers, to the head DA? He used his job to the advantage of the DA’s office.
I am so glad to read some of the lawyers quoted in the article, As one lawyer is well known and kind of famous for being one of the best out there. Was glad to read his bullshit quote. As I had actually considered him to be one of the lawyers to hire at a new trial. Won’t be doing that! Petty has been screwing these defense lawyers over for decades. Or has he?
Also there is no ‘at home’ I done this. ‘At work’ I done that.
Hey everyone, Donald Trump never tweeted anything crazy at work.
No, he only done it at home!

A DA doesn’t get paid by the hour. They get a base salary for a specific time period. They are a DA 24/7. The Texas code of criminal proceedings is very clear about the role of a DA. It is clearly defined by Article 2.08. (a) district attorneys SHALL not be of counsel adversely to the state in any case, in any court… Shall is a force word. It means a person Must do something.
The law gives clear meaning to words and terms. So it doesn’t say a person MAY not or may be of counsel adversely. Which would allow for some personal discretion there.
It says ‘shall not’…
The judges do not hire lawyers to respond to appeals. That is 100% the sole responsibility of the District Attorney.
The judge can hire someone to help him write orders and such.
That is called a law clerk, but the law clerk has to be fair and impartial. Meaning at times be adverse to the state.
What does 2.08 say? A DA can’t be adverse. Y’all notice that ONLY lawyers in Midland acted like all was peachy? Yeah I think there is a bit more to it all.
Oh, let us not forget article 2.03 Neglect of duty.
The Code of criminal procedure clearly says. 2.03 (b) It is the duty of trial court, attorney representing the state, attorney representing the accused and all the peace officers to conduct themselves as to insure a fair trial for both the state and the defendant, not impair the presumption of innocence.
A DA working for judge and prosecutors. How is that fair to me? He told the prosecutor over my case what my lawyer was up to. Did he come tell is what the prosecutor was up to? Hell no he didn’t. So how is that fair or noble? Just because someone has been doing something for so long and he can discuss the law with people who ask. That doesn’t mean his actions are all noble right. Even judges in Midland know they fucked up.
Most of the other cases. Petty only worked on appeal issues. He didn’t take the role with them as he did in my case. Though in my case he wanted to make sure the DA’s office did everything right so I wouldn’t win an appeal. Then he deals with my appeals and writes the orders for the judges.
Yeah, what a great guy.
Oh, haha! I get it! These defense lawyers in Midland. They represented clients, who later might have filed appeals saying their lawyer was ineffective and did poorly. Ralph Petty comes along and writes up an order for the judge to sign saying:
‘No the trial lawyer did a great job and no error was found.’
Ah, okay I see it more clearly now. If lawyers was being found to be ineffective, it could hurt how much people would retain the for in the future. Petty’s role was never adverse to any of these lawyers, so naturally they will say he did no wrong. They are right. He done no wrong BY THEM.
Petty wasn’t a trial prosecutor, so he didn’t fight them at trial. Only in my case did he take on a role in the trial that I know of. But maybe he does the same in these other guys mentioned.

Anywho. Life goes on. Oh, for those that seen the USA Today story online.
There is a, from what I gather a video clip is what it seems to be according to print out I got. The reason I was looking down and talking like that.
I was looking at the iPhone laying on the table that the other visit booth phone was laid up against. No visitors are allowed in, so they say. As a result the media visit had to be done with a TDCj media spokesman’s phone on speaker phone and the visit phone laid beside it. There was a camera operated by a TDCj person, recording it all.
They put another phone just to record above the cage I was in. Then I guess they spliced the audio and video together like that.
I needed a haircut, hadn’t had any sunlight in like 8 months due to Covid lockdowns over summer and cell I am in. I get rec first in the morning or later in the evening when go outside.
Merel sent me the print out of the article. I seen that picture and said ‘damn that’s a bad picture of me. 😉 Plus me talking and looking down like that, had to look crazy. It is crazy how I look so different with different hairstyles. That makes it like 10 different hair style I had in images. Ha.
I was actually going to cut it all off, but I decided against it because my hair was a bit different than other pics. The way I looked different through out the film, became a kind of talking point with some so I wanted to play into that. Though just from knocking my beard down and cutting my hair low into a fade. I looked 5 years younger. I need to go to Hollywood.

I am just made to be able to play different roles.
“Alright, Alright, Alright.” 🙂 Haha

Alrighty then. Thanks to all who have followed my case, supported my efforts and is helping to make a difference.
Until next time. Take care, smile & strive for all that you desire.
I remain,
In Solidarity
Veni, Vidi, Vici

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