Loud and Clear: Where to start?

Clinton Lee Young- Loud & Clear

Topic: Where to start?

Date: March 15, 2020

Damn it has been an eventful 2020. Off to Midland and back. Which allowed me to learn that the new DA knew nothing about my case at all. They did not even know a hearing had been decided on. Yet when my lawyer wanted to discuss resolving the case, the response they got was “No, we are too far apart on the issues.” Haha. They don’t even know the damn issues. The bottom line is, DA’s who never been able to tinker with the death penalty machine in Texas. I guess they want to attempt to earn their ‘silver needle society’ award! 

It is amazing that someone is willing to push for another’s death and be totally ignorant to ANY of the facts.

They fuckin’ didn’t even know I had been granted a hearing or why they was on my case now. The sad thing is that the judge that passed away, he did not put them on the case to mess me over. That judge was well aware of the corruption and misconduct by the DA’s office. 

Though because he died shortly after appointing them to the case, they was never able to get a feel of the judge and understand the problems that plague the case. They then think their role, for some reason, is to just carry the fight forward. They had no clue as to the levels of misconduct. I wanted to laugh when the current judge asked why they got appointed and the DA said “he didn’t know”. I wanted so bad to stand up and laugh and say “and yet this person wants to see me killed! Such a noble man!”. My lawyer stood up and gladly explained. As he went down the list of misconduct, one could see the impact on the judge. I looked over at the DA’s and both was looking down. Imagine they was thinking “what the hell am I in.” Though true to form, they tried to side step the issue. It will not be side stepped. 

After I got back I had to wait a week to get my property, as the property officer was out sick. 

Then a few days after I ended up with the flu. I put in a sick call for medical and ended up several days later being seen b a nurse. By then I was over it. On the sick call request, they lied and said they pulled me out at these various times. 

I detailed on the sick call request that I had fever, chills, and all that. They never pulled me out. Didn’t even come to the cell to check on me for days. 

They will not get away with lying all the time like that. 

Just as they neglected a guy in seg named Greene who died of not getting treatment for diabetic complications. His blood sugar dropped. They told him to drink water and lay down. 

He done that and never got back up.

TDCj officers took him to medical and called again and again. Though they can’t force medical to do something. 

I just don’t get how people can be so indifferent to another person. More so from the medical field. I mean, isn’t a driving factor to get into the medical field, the whole idea of helping others??

Though I guess the way our society makes it easy to turn a blind eye to the suffering of another. That is unless it is some protected class of person the media desires to fawn over. 4th class people in prison are seemingly not worthy of compassion and understanding. 

Now the system has came up with all kinds of new rules. But oh how they amazingly encourage people to use the Jpay system. Given that TDCj made a million dollars last year from Jpays, of course they want more people to use it. Though what is this money going to? We are getting fed worse. We do not get cleaning supplies as much. The prisons are understaffed. 

Amazingly they now can afford new wave millimeter scanners and more dogs. I wonder who paid for that? 

If people would stick together and boycott Jpay, then Texas would get the tablets. There is NO real reason for TDCj to not have the tablets and such. In the federal prison system you got some of the biggest gang leaders and kingpins that have access to the same stuff. Along with most other states in US.  Hell, South Carolina sells special cell phones on commissary. Yet Texas prisoners are so much more sophisticated and dangerous that we can’t get these items? Given the rating of Texas education system in the U.S., I doubt very serious on the more sophisticated angle.

TDCj brought in the Offender Telephone system and gave a large portion of money from it to the Victim impact fund. 

Ok so to Senator Whitmire and TDCj directors.

Bring in the tablets. Also sell TV’s on commissary to all people in prison. TV’s being bought means less people in the dayrooms. Which makes it easier for guards to monitor, when there is staff shortages. Less fights and all that. Plus more money for TDCj to use for their farther oppressive ideas. 

The Jpay tablets and or GTL tablets would generate a great deal of funds. Make it so that a percentage of the money generated from the tablets, goes to a fund that helps Child Protective Services. Like how a portion of lottery ticket sales goes to public education. So can tablet sales and a % of money generated from use of tablets can go to CPS, which is grossly underfunded!

It becomes hundreds of thousands of dollars injected into a overwhelmed and underfunded system.

I mean, surely they would not pass up a great chance to help the little babies?! Please help save the babies Director Davis!

50% of profit goes to save the babies. 30% goes towards prisoner welfare i.e more cleaning supplies and food budgets. Other 20% goes to better education programs. So we basically help fund our education and upkeep. 

Or being that there seems to not be a real interest in better educating prisoners, can put that % towards the medical bills, as to improve medical care. Which means less law suits, less medical bills later on, and less chance to spread Corona virus type bugs. More so with a % going to more cleaning supplies. As half the time we do not get the cleaning powder dippy. At times going weeks without it! Other times when they clean up, they act as if they have no bleach. Now all of a sudden, they found some bleach, being there is national panic. 

But I guess they don’t care about the babies, clean prisons, or better health.

Poor little babies.

They want to Inspect to Protect. How about go to UTMB and visit the John Sealy prison hospital wing on the bottom floors and look at how nasty the cells are! Inspect that!

The holding cells for people in prison, visiting hospital. It is Gross and just horrible! They never clean it. Ask ANYONE that has ever been there. Some cells have blood and shit on the floor or walls. Ask ANY person in prison who been there, from around the state of Texas. They will all agree and say how bad the cells are. They also never clean the psych unit holding cells.

I never been there, but all here say the same thing that have. They never clean them, as the warden wants them as bad as possible, to make the stay as miserable as can be, for those I guess who are not really crazy. Clean prisons are a matter of public health. As sick prisoners infect guards, who then take it home to children, who then take it to school and spread to other children. 

Again, why must they not love the children!? 

Can we not save the children!?

Poor little children.

I am glad TDCj backed down from banning a family member, based on what a redneck with a dog determined. Again, family members need to be aware of rights. ANY problem with dress or entering prison. They have a right to speak with Family Liaison Officer. Which is the duty warden. If you have been made to wear a gown or turned away for having jeans that had a hole in the knee or that look stressed out, Please file an ombudsman complaint at tdcj.giv/ombudsman. As the rules governing dress as of 2017 no longer include stressed jeans. It even allows for a dress so many inches above the knee. If such a dress is allowed, then a pair of jeans with knee showing could not violate the rules! The policy does have a ban on see through clothing. Though that clearly means a shirt or jeans that one could see through and see bra or panties and such. 

There has been a time when my mom was turned away for capri pants. She went and bought new pants and came back. Only to watch a woman with spandex type pants on be able to enter. The more attractive the woman. The greater the chance of getting turned away, when it comes to clothing. 

Stressed designer jeans are a common style that is accepted in public schools and etc, so long as does not expose buttocks and such. 

People need to express to ombudsman about this. 

This way to get a clear understanding. As I stated in the 2017 rules, jeans with tears and such are NOT listed anymore. They used to be.

I always suggest to every person that they go to the TDCj website and read the visitation plan, offender handbook on the sections that detail visitation and etc. Learn the policy so that you can protect yourself. Also visit schedules are always posted on tdcj.gov website, the visitation section of it. (for when visits are allowed again.). As many people are not aware of Texas holidays. Visits can close on state holidays during the weekdays.  Like on June-teenth will be NO visit on death row. That is June 19th. Which is when the federal troops finally got Texas to end slavery. 

Which ironically was the beginning of the Texas prison growth. So naturally TDCj would celebrate such.

When writing to me, Please write out the address as I detail on sites. Also, write on white paper and mail in white envelopes. People, well I really understand how so many people have their identity stolen. I used to not get it how people was so easily tricked. I get it now. No one reads or pays attention. 

We can only get greeting and post cards. 

Letters have to be written on the typical school notebook paper type or regular white printer paper. 

No stickers, labels, lipstick or spraying perfume on paper. 

Alrighty then, this has gotten long. So I am going to wrap it up. I ask that people encourage TDCj to please help us save the babies. Doing so by generating funds with the Tablets, that are offered in every other prison system.

Veni Vidi Vici                                                                  

In solidarity

I remain,

Clinton Lee YOUNG#999447                                     facebook.com/clintonyoungfoundation

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