Loud and Clear: Death Row & the world

Clinton Lee Young – Loud & Clear

Topic: Death Row & the world 

Date: April 5th 2020

I’m a bit late on writing a blog. Lots I wanted to write. To start as I often criticize TDCJ. There are some good things that they are doing. While they halted visitation, which I think is really bullshit. (We do not get contact visits. As far as I know the virus can’t travel through glass. In general population they can use the phone every day. Death row is actually the only class of prisoner that is by law allowed visits. Texas Code of Criminal Procedure 43.17). 

They have allowed us to make a phone call. Normally we get 5 minutes every 90 days to someone on our visitation list. This call is normally collect. While the virus goes on, they are allowing us to be able to call straight through. I spoke with the warden that deals with death row, Warden Jackson. He indicated that would continue to allow the calls until visit opens. They did not have to do that, so that is cool. Merel is over here by herself. With all that’s going on, it was good to be able to speak with her for a bit. I spoke to my mom 2 weeks ago when everything first started. My position is that they could limit visit to one person visiting a guy at 2 times. This was visit area is not crowded. They have bleach, sanitizer and all that. Though I understand why they done it. I really do not want to have that corona sweeping through the prison. As the truth is if it hit death row bad. They are not about to take 5-10 guys on death row to a free world hospital. Plus if others are already dealing with it at the prison hospital. There simply is not enough room. I just hate not being able to see my people. Some type of plan for visits could be done. Word is that TDCJ might do something with lowering cost of Jpays or providing some free ones. Hopefully they do. My mail is moving a bit better. Which is good, as during this time of turmoil one can stress over friends and family more than usual.

One thing from all of this. With everyone having to stay lock in their home. Everyone has an idea of what it is like to be in ad-seg/solitary confinement and the sort. Only they have TV, phones, computers and family/friends with them. We sit here with a simple AM/FM radio and no contact with others for 10-20 years. So to all prisons around the USA. The people will be turning against the concept of isolating prisoners. More so for simple things such as their sentence or because they have the wrong kind of tattoos and associations. 

One of the things on the news is about how there is a spike in calls due to peoples mental health from the isolation. People knowing how hard it was for 3-4-6 weeks with all the toys society has. They will surely sympathize when has had to spend 10-20-30 years like this. Take someone with a law of party case, where the prosecutors admit that person themselves never killed anyone. They was only involved. Why would being housed as we are on death row, be justified for that kind of person? Someone that has not directly harmed a person. Yet guys with two or three life sentences are able to roam around general population, use the phone, watch TV and all that?

A friend suggested I write some 10 steps to dealing with being locked up. Look I don’t have the answers, as I “stay” pissed off from being locked up. No normal person can go unscathed from this. My suggestion would be to focus on what you do have, versus stressing over what you don’t. 

The western world will not allow its citizens to starve to death. So do not worry about food. If you get bad, you can call someone that will help you. You have phone, TV, internet and such. If companies threaten to kick you out of your home for refusal to pay rent, when can’t. Tell them good luck with that and hang up the phone. As if no one can work, who the hell will pay rent anyways? The room would stay empty. People that want to be paid will use tactics to get paid. If you can’t pay anyone for reasons out of your control. Then other would not be able to. If a cell phone company threatens to shut your phone off. Tell them okay you will call you politicians about it and the media, as they know you can’t work. Then tell them, when all is over with, you will switch providers. 

More so if in the US. When it is the car company, if they threaten to repossess. Tell them: okay! How you gonna get the car? No one can be on the road for non-essential travel. Explain to the police that trip! Then hang up. Well also tell them, will pay when world spins again. Corporations will be given money by the government. Don’t let the peons hound you to the point of being panicked. If anyone acts against you, reach out to the media to shame the company. As this is a time you could not predict or control. The “state” has ordered you to stay home. There is nothing you can do. 

To other matters. The way they are dealing with things here. The guards are wearing masks. They are spraying common areas with bleach. The only thing different for us really is no visits. They took basketballs from the rec yard. I can understand that for general population to keep guys from playing ball and being close to each other. Though we are all alone. I haven’t spoke to any rank, so I will hold off on this rant until I do. Executions have been on hold, so that is good. You know it is some bad shit when Texas stops executing people! China done sent some real shit over here!

Look it is hard times. It is easy to panic. Though think like this. The smartest people in the world are collectively working on the same thing. At first a test took 5 days. A company in the US got it to 5 minutes. Trump removed lots of barriers to the public sector, so developments are happening every week. The military, various universities and pharmaceutical companies are all working on the same thing. Something will happen! Normally everyone is having to rush in life. Use this time to get to know the people actually in your life. In a house hold if both parents work and kids go to school and attend various school activities such as sports etc. How much time as a family are you really spending together? That is the problem with the USA. Everyone is on the move all the time. Instead of running from each other all the time. People need to be able to communicate. 

The saddest part of this shit is the weak men. As child abuse cases have went up. Struggle shows the best and worst of us. The only real way everything can go bad, is if the people panic. Sadly the media is so political in the USA, they act like Trump is trying to kill everyone. I listen to the news and various political shows all day. My friends from Europe have always told me how insane the USA media is. I really see what they mean. Trumps ratings was going up. One poll had him at 60%. So the mainstream media stopped airing his press conferences that was going on daily with the corona virus task force. I really wish special interest groups didn’t have such a strangle hold on journalism, politics and education systems in this country. It happens with both sides of political spectrum. Though in times like these. The people need to know what exactly the government and top people are saying and doing. Let them watch and judge for themselves. Instead everything is so negative and geared towards pitting one side against another. 

I mean it never fails. Every single person from Europe that comes over here and watches the news says the same thing. It’s insane! They will spend 29 minutes on negative shit and then the last minute they say “we now will end with a positive story”. Instead of starting with “10.000 new cases today!” they should start with “this positive development today…”. That would make it easier on the people to cope with this shit. If only I ruled the world. 

Alrighty then. I will write again in a couple days. 

Take care, smile and keep on keepin on.

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