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Topic: Death row, case, & so forth
Date: June, 27 201 6


Life on death row grinds on at the snail like pace, that it usually does. There will soon be new adminstration here. As the previous Major was fired.

I have worked on my book some more. Met with Merel, who is typing it up & also translating it. Progress is creeping along on that front.

Spoke with my lawyers last week. Got some interesting news. Can not write about it yet. Though everything will be presented in August/September.

Still observing ramadan. I did break my fast a couple times, as a result I have to make up a couple days. I was working out, outside. Due to the heat I had to drink water. Then because of chaotic sleep schedule, lack of energy. I ate. A muslim here that I talk to, told me that I did not have to make up one of the days, as I did a charitable act. Which is why I made and shared tacos. Which, I must admit was some kind of great. Made it with mackerel & Tuna. Best that has ever been made I tell ya! One thing I can do, well one of many things.:) I can cook. The only halal foods they sell is fish products. I am not islamic, just doing the ramadan out of solidarity with my friend Karima. Plus the fasting for health.

I was actually a bit surprized to find out how many others do it. Many for just the first week. Some Christians do it. The way they do the trays though is a damn shame. They could take the food from lunch & put it on the dinner tray. Though instead they are saying we give up a tray. Everything is a fight around here. Only got breakfast and dinner trays. I have mentioned before my intrest in sociology. Learning about various religions is a natural fit for that. As a result, while observing ramadan. I am reading The Qur’an & a book titled Islam – An introduction to religion, culture, and history by James A Beverley. 2011 edition. A very interesting read. Anyone wanting a quick guide to Islam, I would suggest reading it. It is written in an unbiased middle of the road form. It addresses arquements from both sides & is sensitive to these positions without attacking. An easy read.

People tend to look at the world today & think all these clashes are new. It is far from it. One just has to look at the history of the Moors & Ottoman empire. Actually, this is not mentioned in Mr.Beverley book. Though it is a result of islamic expansion that the base of power shifted from the meditananian region up towards the U.K, France & such. My point is that no one can be a student of history & ignore the impact of Islam on the western world.

It is common to read about a romantic view of catholism and Rome. By romantic, I mean promotion from a pro-rome pespective that is common with its history and impact on Europe, like we all know about Julious Ceaser. Though few know about what a sorry motherfucker he was. More so with his treatement of the celts, & other tribes in what we now call Europe. Oh speaking of Europe. Yes I had been saying it for weeks. That the UK was leaving the EU. Just one of my many predictions that have came true. Oh, I SO WISH I had knew there was betting being done on this & that the book makers was favoring the UK to remain. I would have bet the house on the UK leaving. It also just so happens when I was visiting with Merel. I told her the UK would leave. She expressed her doubts & I told her. France & The Netherlands would call for it next. What do they anounce on the news within an hour of the results? Oh! Political figures in France & The Netherlands calling for it also.

Take a picture, as the days of the EU are winding down. The UK, Netherlands, France, & Germany did not need the Euro. or E.U. It needs them. The Netherlands has suffered growth stunting in the economic sector, due to the Euro zone. As the currency ‘was’ lower & many American corporations set up shop there due to the corparate tax rate being lower the USA. Also the culture being more appeasing , then say some 2nd or 3rd world country with a risk of becoming farther unstable/or governments acting in adverse ways such as with Chinas corparate espinage & military build up. As well as currency manipulation.

Globalist corporations benefit the most from a EU type enviornment. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer & the-youth unemployment rate rises. Immigrants flow in, suppressing wages & thus benefiting corporations even farther. Those leading the fight to remain was globalist corporations. Ofcourse using socialist friendly slogans for propaganda. Anywho. When ya right your right.

But what do I know!

I have not felt much desire to write blogs & etc. The only time commentary is created is if contraversy is caused. Life goes on. People have asked about the second film. I do not know when it will come out. It is not my film. People will have to take that up with Jessica. I just know it will be after august. I would suggest that people follow her on twitter or whatever, that way can be infamed. All my song ideas are going no where. That no shock there. At least the book & my case is moving forward.

We got the gloves tested. They came back showing exactly as I said it would. Now we are waiting on them to agree or not.

Alrighty then. I am going to wrap this one up. Untill next time.


Veni Vidi Vici

In solidarity,

P.S It seems there is some jpays, jmails & letters that I am missing. They keep sending mail to wrong pods & shit. This is why I asked people to please write my name in bold letters in red ink & the 447 in red ink. So this vital portion stands out. I didn’t mention bold, but I did mention red ink & the rest of the address in black. Also do NOT forget to put USA on address if from outside the US. Also always include the tdcj # for me.999447.


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