Loud and Clear: Daniel Lopez & the Death Penalty   Recently updated !

Loud and Clear from Texas Death Row
By: Clinton Lee Young
Date: Aug 16, 2015
Title: Daniel Lopez & the Death Penalty

Daniel Lopez, no matter how you cut it, committed suicide on Aug. 12th 2015. He canceled his appeal. Not because he was guilty, as that he was not. He just knew that no matter what, it would be a prolonged struggle. He expressed that his loved ones were drifting away as they could not handle it. I guess he just felt it better for all. His lawyers knew that he was not guilty of capital murder, which is required to get death penalty.

Daniel had a court hearing to cancel his appeals. There he is in court, his lawyers besides him. He was not fighting the state. He was fighting his lawyers. He wanted to cancel his appeals. The lawyers did not want him to. There they are standing before the judge, and the judge asked Daniel what he wanted. Daniel said,” I want to cancel my appeals man!” His lawyers said, “Your honor, he should not be allowed to cancel his appeals. He is not even guilty of capital murder. “The judge: “Mr. Lopez did you do it, did you intentionally kill the officer?” Daniel responded, “Well, no! I didn’t mean to do it, he jumped in front of me. I tried to swerve, but it was too late.”

Now it went on. He told me that the judge said he couldn’t cancel the appeals if he was not guilty. Though I moved to another Pod so I never found out how he managed to get his appeals dropped. It is a head shaking kind of funny. An “I thought I had seen/heard it all” kind of humor. He was trying to die. He had no reason to lie. He said all along, since he got down here, the same story. He was just tired of the bullshit. Being that it was a cop case he knew they would drag the fight out and would not be willing to accept anything less than death. Then when he was being executed some bikers reeved their engines so loud that it drowned out his final words. When I heard about that on the radio…yeah I think this is one of those extremely rare times that I will think it best to keep my words to myself. Yeah it’s best. I was not friends with Daniel. We had been on the same pod from time to time. Communicated here and there. I can honestly say he was sincere in his desire to go!

Some here, for some stupid reason get upset when a person cancels their appeal. It’s that person’s life. The gurney only has room for one. It was his choice. Not one I would do for myself. It was his fate to govern.

Alrighty then. I will have another one posted soon, hopefully.
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