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Clinton Young – Loud & Clear

Topic: Butts & Nuts

Date: April 25, 2019

Death row is not made up of people that would be members of the high class social clubs. What pisses me off is the politics and the way they pick and choose who the constitution applies to. The same applies to Joseph Garcia being executed and the denial of Randy Halprin (both from Texas Seven case). Which is my focus currently. Randy should not be in the Supreme Court. Yet one cop died and thus, according to the system, seven people need to die even if they didn’t kill, want to hurt, or attempt to hurt anyone in any way. Still need to die. I have long said the most important element of who gets the death penalty is ‘who you kill’. I think it is stronger than money. As kill the wrong person and they will FIND the money to get it done. I have long mentioned how as a society we place more value in one life over another. Though that is why we have a constitution and moral concepts of justice for all. To be able to overcome this human nature. But when humans run the show, such happens. What we really need is to get that Octopus to handle everything. You know the one that was picking the winners of the World Cup games a while back?

I do not believe hate is real. It is not a universal truth. It is a default. It is a crutch. An illusion. It is not real. You can take the most hateful KKK guy and put him in a different situation. With time, he can become friends with a black guy. The top three reasons men kill each other are: religion, money and women. Everyone is rich. Everyone wants it. And good god, they’re wonderful. The British Empire took and slaughtered, Moors took and slaughtered, on and on. Men is truly equal!

On my last blog, did you notice how the way the writing shifted? If it was typed up exactly as I wrote it, the writing shifted from a ‘would have’ to a more factual tone? Not sure if any noticed that. Myth turns to legend, does it not? See, you people do not appreciate my genius! 

Aint there some saying about “can’t see the forest for the trees” or such? Anyways, I have been stressing a lot lately. Some stuff is being retested. It was rushed. A someone is concerned something doesn’t match up with what was said at some point. That someone is not from my team! I have fought hard over the years. While I always say this and that about being free and all that. I never fully grasped the thought as a reality, as this world is what I am faced with. Though the thought in a way really is kind of scary. The majority of my life has been in prison. First being conditioned in the gladiator farms they call juvenile prisons. Then here with an unrelenting fight to just be able to live. From never being safe, free, and loved. To all 3.

(if you didn’t read my Safe, free & loved blog you won’t get that.) 

But you know. Courage is not always about battles. It takes courage to face the unknown. Time ticks on. 

The moral of this blog? Love and let live.

We all dance to a different tune. That doesn’t mean we have to step on each other’s toes. 

Hold those we give power to, accountable. 

Just be cool. Why? Because cool is the rule! 🙂

Oh yeah, I forgot to write earlier. Free Randy Halprin! They are still trying to kill my friend. That is not cool. Because of the politics his case, time is important. I still need to write the Law of Parties blog. I just been burnt out on reading legal stuff. Staying alive is hard work!

They killed Billy “5 dollar bill” Coble. You know they gave him a medal for killing something like 160 people in the Vietnam war? Huh, imagine that.

“Strife leased life from grief”, CLY.

Veni, vidi, vici

In solidarity I remain,

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