Loud and Clear: Audacity & Power, with a bit of Jesus

Clinton Young Loud & Clear

Topic: Audacity & Power, with a bit of Jesus

Date: February 27th2018


Ya know, while I always appreciate a good fight, Battle keeps the mind sharp. Also, while I love to win, more so to snatch victory away, I sure would appreciate a solution that all could walk away from. Really I have no desire to keep fighting this legal battle. Though I would not accept anything beyond what my mind is set on. Doubt they would offer. Really would be hard pressed to accept anything, as I know I can win. Though with all the DA’s have been caught doing, be it them or the police, which police are an agent of them under the law.

The failure to investigate crime scenes then destruction of evidence before my trial, the withholding of favorable evidence, hidden deals. In 2010 the court found that a DA committed perjury twice! Once before my trial and once at an appeal hearing. As he denied any talks of deals, this DA whom has been found by fact to have lied, was brought from East Texas & signed on as a special prosecutor for Midland, so they own that!

The unethical ex parte communications, the withholding of evidence as I was on my way to being killed, on & on.

I actually expected them to sit down and talk. To express that they will agree to something, tough I have to agree to not sue, & etc. But no, they have buckled up & cut they brake lines. Guess we will see where this ride takes us. There is lots that I am eager to point out, as to show those that support me. However, it has to wait. Time & Place.

Before, I would have been blogging all kinds of way about everything. Pointing out errors with glee, though really it is all sad and depressing now. The way power is abused. How a conviction becomes all that matters. No fame in this numbers game! Then add in this concept that the institution, some abstract construct that this has to be protected over the ones that suffer because of it. This is not limited to the justice system. It happened with Catholic Church & Priests dirty deeds. It happened with Olympics & gymnast girls that were abused by a doctor for years and like a hundred girls.

Courts have ruled in certain ways so as to not open flood gates for others. So reject one, because his relief could help dozens of others. With that kind of thinking, the system can never be the beacon of justice that it proclaims to be.

The U.S is supposed to be a country that is governed by the rule of law, not the law of rule.

Those that we give power to are expected to use it cautiously & ethically. Even more so when these people profess a faith in Christ.

Now I am not one to measure another’s faith. I understand that many are attached to a religion due to culture. They are expected to be in a church & such. Though what I do know is that Jesus would not be for a lot of the bullshit that happens today.

I am not religious. Though me & Jesus, we cool. Straight up. Jesus was a good dude. He was the kind that I would kick back & drink some wine with. Ya know, just relax & not have any bullshit!

Me & Jesus dislike the same type of scoundrels. The hypocrites & greedy bastards that misuse power for personal gain. Some say he was God. I do not know. Though I know that these people in power, or amazingly the poor, will criticize socialism & communism. They will be at events arguing against wealth distribution. That the richest shouldn’t spare a penny. They hold up the signs attacking a Marx quote about the wealthy being expected to give more.

That is very interesting because Jesus said “From much who is given, much is expected.” Seems he was about some wealth distribution & for those blessed with wealth to be charitable & help life others up. (I support capitalism, though not greed & money worship.) I hear & read them attack women. To say a woman’s worth &/or purity is defined by her sexuality. Some places, in what is the purest evil, blaming the woman if she is raped. That what she does with her vagina matters more than her heart & mind. They look down on others & suppress their sexuality due to shame or distorted perception of self-worth.

Though the one that was hanging out with Jesus the toughest, was a prostitute. They very type detailed as most impure & cast into alleyways. Not just someone that had sex out of wedlock, or was divorced. The one that was seen as the worst, which due to her activities was considered the worthless whore.

Yet, there she was at his side. I think that shows it clearly that the way our society valued a woman’s worth was bullshit. It is not her sum total. If half of humanity is oppressed, there can be no balance. Might explain the woes of the world.

I am not mocking anyone’s faith. Please do not see it that way. I respect faith. Though I do mock those that act mighty & noble because they feel their way is the way or they distort the name of Jesus &/or God to their cause. They use Jesus as their moral authority, but do not follow what does not fit their agenda. This happens with other faiths of course. But the U.S is rooted in Christianity, so is my focus. Anywho. As a society we are expected to operate on a moral contract that regardless of a person’s religion there are basic elements defined by human decency.  (I don’t write as a religious person, as I am not. Nor am I a faith tester. Though if it is your justification & impacts me & mine, yes I will measure it.) That we operate with fairness, to win by truth is better than to win by cheating.

That we use power to build, not destroy. We do not bully because there is no glory in power over the already weaker. That we have laws that apply to all. That in this land a document written by man, who they say the concepts was given by God, that this document does not give rights. It demands that the government shall never take these rights away, as they are given by a power greater than one or a few men.

The constitution is the core of our republic.

It demands a fair trial. It demands no cruel & unusual punishment.

It demands the right for one to be silent & not fear prosecution for it.

Then some years later, it demanded due process.

The justice system in the USA places the burden on the powerful. The prosecutor has the burden to prove you committed a crime, beyond a reasonable doubt. You do not have to prove your innocence.  If the prosecutor only has the indictment, they read it to the jury. The prosecutor then rests. The defense then rests. The jury should always acquit, as an indictment is not evidence. Though, many will vote guilty just from that. Beyond those that abuse power, fault lies at the feet of politicians & media. Politicians shape what is presented in our education system. There are thousands of laws that can cause you to lose your freedom. Though schools, as a whole, do not teach anything about the law. Only some do & they are wealthier districts. They then say ignorance to the law is not a defense.

So, you do not educate a person about the laws that can send him/her to prison, but when he breaks the laws the very fact you didn’t educate him/her is not an excuse?

The media shares blame as they play to the headlines. The shock & awe of reporting.

They plaster headline after headline in cases like Todd Willingham, Anthony Graves, and any other that has ever been wrongfully convicted. They write headlines declaring one to be the devil on Earth. Then, a court later finds them innocent and now they want an interview and sing their praises.

Why did they have to wait on the court to decide? Where is the spotlight on government that media is supposed to provide? Imagine if they spent just one month of time that they spent on trying to connect Trump & Russia. If they spent that time & energy looking into the system that deprives people of both liberty & life.

Instead they are consumed with political agendas. To be a bullhorn for the few. The result is the people end up further divided, which then helps the few retain power and use it unchecked.

People ignore the abuse until it affects them or their loved ones. Their own ignorance to the law providing a rude awakening. These rules and laws that are forced upon us. It seems the Princes are not bound by them. That I have to follow every law, rule, & regulation to the letter. Though it is all a simple suggestion to those with a noble title. It takes strength to do an act that is not benefiting to oneself, but is what is fair. More so when it is admitting a wrong. People so often fail to hold themselves accountable. (Which I always strive to do. If something goes wrong, I first ask how did I fail or cause this. What did I do or not do that impacted the others actions.) At some point, power has to be held accountable & contained as it corrupts the person, the system & the people it harms.

Why should every person care? It is simple. If you do not care about basic fairness, if you do not value truth and rights of man, if you only value yourself and your own little world, you should still care. As your Prince might not always be in the palace! We should not attempt to possess and control. Nor should we do something simply because we can. Might is an illusion. Right is a fair conclusion. All should question the actions of those we put in power. Not only to protect the people, but also to protect the person in power so that they are kept honest.

Now to audacity. The audacity of some people never fails to amaze me. Someone done something recently (not in here) and my first reaction was to laugh at the audacity. Then as I sat there and it was floating around in my mind, little gates started unlocking. I felt myself drifting back to an old self. I was angry at the audacity, more so because of my efforts to find understanding and forgive. As Jesus cried out, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do!” Oh how they do not even have a clue as to their own ignorance. The lack of understanding, which can be expected as there are somethings some do not know. Ego started to get the best of me. I actually wrote 2 pages going in on everything and some that I am not expected to know. Though I took a deep breath, tore the pages up, closed my eyes and whispered softly ‘Please let me forgive you’.

Ya know, when I do the right thing, it is a blessing. It is important to try to be understanding and allow others to be forgiven. Some people do not want to be.

It is amazing! Though it’s because foolishly they think they got it all figured out, perception is truly something else! There is some saying, can’t see the forest for the trees or something. I feel a poem developing.





Naïve Audacity

The fools cast their lot,

A wager I’d get got.

Word of a stay,

Stole hope away.

October 26th.

Their belief.

‘Oh what sweet relief’

Ah, just out of reach.

Sinners left disappointed.

A win for the anointed

The sagas long spoken.

Chains to be broken.

October 27th.

Comes as no surprise,

The blessing in disguise.

From broken reality,

They fail to see.

So blindly they be.

A sigh given softly.

Naïve Audacity.

February 2018 Clinton Young Tx-Death Row.


To other matters. Damn, I blog about all kinds of stuff! J

I try to be nice and understanding. Though, at times it gets me in a wreck. I have to sort some things out as I surely could be advancing better than I am.

Also, the other blog about funds was not a cloaked request. Sure pointed out the problem, though my position has always been this. No one owes me anything. I can deal with a no or expressed concern. As one is reasoned and another can be addressed. I sit in this box. I depnd on a clear understanding to navigate.

I am not let down because someone cannot do something, no matter what it is.

A person’s worth is not determined by what all they can do for me. Believe me, I have parted ways with some that could have done a great deal. Though pride played a role. As it seemed the more someone could do for me, the more I felt to show I didn’t need them. Really, I was just an asshole.

Look, in life the easiest truth is let ya yes be yes and your no be no. That simple wisdom goes back to biblical times. Now I hold where I stand. I accept nothing less than to be treated as the man I am.

Though I understand that not all see with the same eyes. Communication is the key to success. Anyways, I am trying to work on a few things. Some music projects, get some clothing designs done, work towards some events. Alright. Don’t eat dog food & don’t smoke crack!

Strive for all that you desire.



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