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Loud and Clear: Blogs, case, help

Clinton Young Loud & Clear Topic: Blogs, case, help Date: May,18th 2017 First to those I have recently written to. I know in The Netherlands Greetings is used last in a letter. I start letter with it as such is common in the US Now to business. My past blogs & legal papers are momentarily […]

Loud and Clear: Ways to help   Recently updated !

Loud & clear Topic: Ways to help Date: May 4th 2017   Hope that this finds all is good for all. With myself, just waiting to see what is up. Here is the deal. As I wrote in the last blog, they filed for a death warrant. Which is where the prosecutor files to a […]

Loud and Clear: Thank you.

Clinton Young Loud & Clear Topic: Thank you. Date : May 1st 2017   It seems the film was properly received. Glad to know. There is still so much to be detailed. Plus there is currently some activity in my case. Lawyers do not want me detailing it all yet. This blog will be short. […]