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Loud and Clear: follow up.

Loud and Clear Topic: follow up.   I wanted to farther explain my previous blog while the emotional roller coaster I experience shined through. My words about lawyers did not fully detail enough to give the proper image. Since I have been here. Well since I was first dealing with the judicial System really. My […]

Loud and Clear: Death penalty, death row, & those that fight for justice.

Loud & Clear by Clinton Young Topic: Death penalty, death row, & those that fight for justice. Date: Apri1:2Oth, 2017 (To make a correction/stash addition I forgot to do before mailing my last blog. I wrote about republicans being able to change constitution. I mean if they win more seats in this up coming elections […]

Music Review: Bad to the bone

Song:Bad to the bone Artist: George Thorogood When I was a little boy here & there I would go visit my father. During one of these weekend visits. It was decided to have a gathering at my aunt Pams house. I was maybe 7 years old. Grown ups was sitting around outside , drinking beer […]

Loud and Clear: Death Penalty, death row

Clinton Young Loud & Clear Topic: Death Penalty, death row Date: March 23rd, 2017 People are acting like the new appointee to the US Supreme court is some horrible thing. The reality is he is as close to the exact way a Supreme Court Justice should be, by way of the intent of the court. […]