Monthly Archives: April 2016

Short Story: Friendship; risk & reward

Short Stories Title: Friendship: Risk & reward By: Clinton Young Date: March, 17 2016 Stoping in her tracks, Little Janice frantically looks to her left & right. Unsure if she heard what she thinks it is she heard. Straining to hear. There it is again! She did hear it. Off she runs towards the direction […]

Loud and Clear: 90 days to live

Clinton Young Loud & Clear Topic: 90 days to live Date: March,23 2016. When a person receives an execution date, it is for no less then 90 days. Many counties will give a date of execution that is 90 days away. Some will set it at 4-6 month range. 90 is the worst case. Since […]

Loud and Clear: My book & General update

Clinton Lee Young- Loud & Clear Topic: My book & general update Date written: March ,16,2016 Seems there is some confusion about stuff that should have been posted in February. Hopefully it is all resolved by now. I was planning on writing a blog going into great detail on a few things. Though am dealing […]