Monthly Archives: January 2016

Life story: Rowdy the dog

Life Story blog Topic: Rowdy the dog Date: January 2, 2016 Shortly after I was released from  juvenile prison , I started a relationship with a girl. She told me about someone that had some puppies they was giving away. The mother dog was a prized registered Rottweiler that happened to get out of the […]

Music Review: Me & Jesus

Music Review by Clinton Young Song: Me & Jesus Genre: Country Music Date Jan. 11 2016 (The video is at the end of this post) Review: Today was the first time that I have heard this song. It is a good song. Though I appreciated it for more than simply it’s  lyrics . The message […]

Loud and Clear: Mold …. Death Row

Loud & Clear by Clinton Lee Young Topic: mold on Death Row Date: Jan. 11. 2016 A couple months ago, I moved from A. pod to C. pod. The cell I moved into, it is clear that the previous resident failed to clean it properly. There was black mold on the wall, behind the bunk. […]