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Loud and Clear: Litte of this & littel of that

Clinton Young Loud & Clear. Topic: Little of this & little of that Date: Sept. 26th 2016 Prison Life Penatentiary – A petty paradise, no wise served twice. Life lost for losing lives. Given freely. What cost? Dreams. Schemes all jumbled. Rumble tumble in this fuckin jungle. Sum total of the end result. Aint no […]

Loud and Clear: Quick chat

Clinton L. Young Loud & clear Topic: Quick chat Date: Aug. 23rd, 2016 Hopes all’s good out there. Just a quick run down. No real news yet. Filings will be maybe next month or October, due to developments. Though expect no court action, due to docket length & holidays coming up, until after the New […]

Loud and Clear: Ramadan, death row

Loud and Clear by Clinton Young Topic: Ramadan, death row Date: June.6th, 2016 Today is the first full day of Ramadan. The Islamic holy period of fasting, which is a simple way to explain it. Now, as to why I mention it. I was on the rec. yard with a guy here who is a […]

Loud and Clear: Case update. Death penalty, Death Row

Loud & Clear by Clinton Lee Young Date: May-16-2016 Topic: Case update. Death penalty, Death Row A heavy weight upon my mind. Was a date set for early this month. My lawyer was due to meet with the prosecutor in Midland. The topic of discussion revolved around my future. It was a life or death […]

Short Story: Friendship; risk & reward

Short Stories Title: Friendship: Risk & reward By: Clinton Young Date: March, 17 2016 Stoping in her tracks, Little Janice frantically looks to her left & right. Unsure if she heard what she thinks it is she heard. Straining to hear. There it is again! She did hear it. Off she runs towards the direction […]

Loud and Clear: 90 days to live

Clinton Young Loud & Clear Topic: 90 days to live Date: March,23 2016. When a person receives an execution date, it is for no less then 90 days. Many counties will give a date of execution that is 90 days away. Some will set it at 4-6 month range. 90 is the worst case. Since […]

Loud and Clear: My book & General update

Clinton Lee Young- Loud & Clear Topic: My book & general update Date written: March ,16,2016 Seems there is some confusion about stuff that should have been posted in February. Hopefully it is all resolved by now. I was planning on writing a blog going into great detail on a few things. Though am dealing […]

Music Review: Tupac – Dear Momma

Music Review by Clinton Young Song: Dear Momma Artist: 2pac (Tupac) Genre: Hip Hop Videoclip at the end of the review Review: The struggles that children go through, transcends ethnic lines. The first time I heard this song play as a teenager. It resonated with me. Many of the lyrics I can relate to. While […]

Life story: Rowdy the dog

Life Story blog Topic: Rowdy the dog Date: January 2, 2016 Shortly after I was released from  juvenile prison , I started a relationship with a girl. She told me about someone that had some puppies they was giving away. The mother dog was a prized registered Rottweiler that happened to get out of the […]