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Loud & Clear September 30th 2010

Loud & Clear September 30th 2010   Seems every other day I got a new blog, 🙂 just got lots to write about. I have some soon to be made changes to write about, Katie is simply only human & thus unable to handle everything pertaining to me, more so with two kids & law […]

Loud & Clear Sept. 29 2010

Loud & Clear Sept. 29 2010   Last week a correction officer died in a car wreck. Her name was Ms. Miers. An older lady, i would say mid-fifties, maybe early sixties. She was hit by an 18-wheeler that crossed into her lane. I am known for not being the most appreciative person, when it […]

Loud and Clear, Sept 21, 10

Loud and Clear, Sept 21, 10   It’s one thing after another!  Now we are on unit lock down again!   Last time, in July they only locked down and searched death row! Though this time they locked down the whole unit! Last time General Population got to go to recreation and etc, death row didn’t! […]

Loud & Clear Sept. 9,2010

Loud & Clear Sept. 9,2010   This will be a long blog! Though it is important, Thanks for reading it. There is so much I desire to write about, though the most important issues first. I will have a couple blogs getting posted back to back, within the next week. Nothing these people do has […]