Yearly Archives: 2005

Uncensored, December 02, 2005

Uncensored, December 02, 2005 Well, it has been a while since I wrote an article. Suzanne was MIA for a short period due to an accident in the family. So I capitalized off of her absence in order to get my thoughts together some more. Of course the murder machine did not slow down any. […]

Uncensored, August 27, 2005

Uncensored, August 27, 2005 Welcome to another adventure on the Polunsky unit death camp. I am feeling a little sore right now. Steven and I refused to leave the outside recreation area. Which is basically a big box with steel bars going through the middle. With steel bars for a roof to let sunlight in. […]

Uncensored, August 20 to August 26, 2005

Uncensored, August 20 to August 26, 2005 Greetings everyone. Welcome back to another chaotic walk through a week at the Texas Death Camp. Starring your host Clinton Young, and with a guest appearance by Steven Woods, my partner in chaos (his Mohawk included!) Well this week has been fairly interesting. Starting on the 18th of […]

Uncensored, August 18, 2005

Uncensored, August 18, 2005 Well, I am back! I know that I have not posted an article in about two weeks. I have been going through a lot of stress lately. I haven’t felt like writing. It seems that nothing seems to go right! I got a lot of good ideas, but not enough people […]

Uncensored, August 02, 2005

Uncensored, August 02, 2005 Justice   Greetings to all! Another episode of Clinton Young Uncensored. I am going to step back into the realm of politics for a few moments. I have touched on the fact that Texas does not have the best mental health service. Well I would like to get into that topic […]

Uncensored, July 15 to July 16, 2005

Uncensored, July 15 to July 16, 2005 Greetings to all! Welcome to another journey through the mind and chaotic life of Clinton Lee Young. Today is the fifteenth of July. I missed a week due to certain events. Last week a female officer by the name of Hadnot wrote me a case. I had my […]

Uncensored, June 27, 2005

Uncensored, June 27, 2005 Greetings to all! Another week has ticked by. A pretty productive week to a degree. Governor Perry finally decided to comply with the Supreme Court and commute the sentence of the 28 guys that received the death penalty for crimes that occurred when they were 17 to life in prison. He […]

Uncensored, June 19, 2005

Uncensored, June 19, 2005 Greetings to all! Quote for the week. Mahatma Gandhi, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Another week has slowly ticked by. Not much has changed. It has been fairly calm around here. On a positive note the powers that be had the rec yard and […]

Uncensored, June 10 to June 12, 2005

  Uncensored, June 10 to June 12, 2005 Greetings to all! It is the 10th day of June, 2005. I must say that it is getting pretty hot down here in South East Texas. Starting to actually FEEL like hell in these cages we call home. The sun beats down on the back wall to […]

Uncensored, May 28 to June 2, 2005

Uncensored, May 28 to June 2, 2005 Greetings To All! The last Uncensored article I wrote was pretty much all over the place. I did get a little aggravated when I found out TDCJ guards were sending hateful e-mail to Suzanne in relation to Richard. The main thing that pissed me off was that it […]