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‘I am willing to write anyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion and so on, as long as the person is sincere and honest. When writing, be sure to clearly print or write my name, prisoner number and address. The prison has over 2900 people, which creates for an enormous amount of mail for the mailroom to sort. If they are unable to read names and numbers, they will reject the letter. Please be sure to also include a return address. can be used to write to me, although I am not able to email back with it, since I do not have access to the internet. emails are printed off by the mailroom clerks and then hand-delivered.  I respond through regular mail, so a return address for regular mail is needed. Rules concerning mail: the rules dictate that money, postage, envelopes and paper can not be sent to me by mail. If a person wants to send money to help with writing materials, postage or commissary, it must be done through or (The eCommDirect site is run by the Texas government and is cheaper than JPay, because JPay is a private company.)


The prison allows inmates to receive books, magazines and newspapers, although they must be sent through approved suppliers. Please check with me before ordering a book. You can send as many letters and pictures as you desire. There are no restrictions on quantity. The prison does not allow prisoners to receive any naked pictures.


Visitation rules: I can receive visitors, as long as they are on my approved visitation list. This list includes 10 adults and can be changed every 6 months. A visit within a 300 mile radius is 2 hours. If a person lives over 300 miles away, then special visits can be set up. A special visit is allowed once a month and consists of a 2 × 4 hour visit for consecutive days. If a person is not on my visitation list, then they will not be allowed to visit. An exception to this rule are visits by lawyers, media etc.


For all rules and regulations concerning mail and visits, please visit’




Write Clinton at:

Clinton Young #999447

3872 F.M 350 South

Livingston, TX 77351