Loud and Clear

Loud and Clear: Problem? Solution!

Clinton Lee Young – Loud and Clear Topic: Problem? Solution! Date: March 16, 2020 When a problem develops, it is only natural for me to seek a solution. The problem is that currently plaguing the TDCJ is staff shortages. While I would love to solve all that, my main focus is Texas Death Row.  The […]

Loud and Clear: Back in the Twilight Zone

Clinton Lee Young – Loud & Clear Topic: Back in the Twilight Zone Date: Feb. 2, 2020 A quick turn-around trip to Midland did not produce much results. Though I did find out the DA knew absolutely nothing about the case.  Keep in mind this is new DA’s that got on the case in August. […]

Loud and Clear: Life on death row

Clinton Lee Young – Loud & Clear Topic: Life on death row Date: Dec.30th 2019 This year is finally winding down. Glad for it to come to an end! I wrote a couple blogs but had expressed for them to not be posted, as couple issues I was ranting about was resolved. Though in some ways only. In the […]

Loud and Clear: Death Row Holidays

Clinton Lee Young – Loud and Clear Topic: Death Row Holidays Date: December 1, 2019 This time of year is naturally not the best. It is holidays and when the case happened. So not the best for several families. In here it becomes just another day. A day with no mail. Though they do feed […]

Loud and clear: Life on death row

Clinton Lee young – Loud and ClearTopic: Life on death row Date: November 10, 2019 To those that are not on the foundation’s social media pages, there was an additional set back. Though my situation is surely the minor point of it. The judge that was over my case passed away recently. A new judge […]

Loud and Clear: They like it dirty

Clinton Young: Loud & Clear  Topic: They like it dirty Date: Sept 29th 2019 TDCJ allocates certain items. 3 times a week can exchange towel, jumper, 2 pair of boxers and 2 pair of socks. On Mondays get 3 pair of socks. Tuesdays can exchange 2 sheets and a cell towel. A cell towel is […]

Loud and Clear: My focus

Clinton Lee Young – Loud and Clear  Topic: My focus  Date: Sept 19th 2019 Over the years, I have told people my focus. As to the system and goals. I am not an anti-death penalty activist. I reserve that for those not on death row. For a guy on death row to say he is […]

Loud and Clear: Can it get crazier

Clinton Young: Loud and Clear Topic: Can it get crazier Date: August 27, 2019 Was all geared up for nothing. Monday, they wanted to kill me. Tuesday, they offered me life, which I promptly rejected. Thursday, the Midland D.A. had to get off my case. Found out the assistant D.A> literally was working with judges […]

Loud and Clear: Never fails/Always something

Clinton Young – Loud & Clear Topic: Never fails/Always something Date: Aug 20th 2019 Had an unexpected legal call today. It seems that the main point of the hearing will change.  2 Developments. 1. There was some guys who gave statements in 2003. I wrote a blog about one guys video deposition from April 2019. […]

Loud and Clear: Thank you

Clinton Lee Young – Loud & Clear Topic: Thank you Date:  Aug 18th 2019 I wanted to thank everyone for the cards & birthday blessings. I will be getting ready for the hearing, by the time this is posted. It will be a short time until I am returned to Polunsky. Had hopes the prosecutors […]